Academic Affairs

Council of Deans Meeting Schedule 2009/2010

Fall 2009 Agenda Notes Other Documentation
08/26/2009 08.26.2009 N/A Headcount by Class and Graduation by Degree
Historical New Student Enrollment
Upper Division and Lower Division Retention Statistics
Goals and Tools of CSU Enrollment Management
Dissecting Diversity at HSU Metrics Report
Headcount and FTES Registration Comparison
09/09/2009 Cancelled
09/23/2009 09.23.2009 N/A N/A
10/14/2009 Cancelled
10/28/2009 Cancelled
No meetings in November
12/02/2009 12.02.2009 N/A Budget Reduction
12/09/2009 No Agenda N/A N/A
01/13/2010 No Agenda N/A N/A
02/24/2010 02.24.2010    

Council of Deans' Members

Ken Ayoob Interim Dean, College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences
Jená Burges Vice Provost of Academic Programs and Undergraduate Studies
Carl Hansen Dean, Extended Education & International Programs
Steve Smith Interim Dean, College of Natural Resources and Sciences
John Lee Interim Dean, College of Professional Studies
Anna Kircher Chief Information Officer
Colleen Mullery A.V.P. for Academic Personnel Services
Robert Snyder Provost and Vice President of Academic Affairs
Wayne Perryman Interim Dean, University Library
Jaqueline Nagatsuka Director, Institutional Research & Planning
Juan Carlos Morales Director, Research & Sponsored Programs Foundation
Humboldt State University