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Enrollment Management Working Group - Agendas & Minutes 2011 - 2012

The EMWG meets regularly to review the effectiveness of the enrollment initiatives, examine new trends, realities, and data, and modify the EMP as necessary. Meeting agendas, handouts, and minutes are available below.

Date Agendas Handouts Minutes
05.07.12 Agenda   Notes
04.30.12 Agenda Financial Aid Committee

Unmet Needs

Satisfactory Academic Progress

CQS Preliminary Results

04.09.12 Agenda   Notes
04.02.12 Agenda CQS Finance Questions

CQS Latino Responses

03.19.12 Agenda Noel-Levitz Benchmark Study Notes
03.05.12 Agenda   Notes
02.20.12 Agenda FYFE Fall 2011  
02.06.12 Agenda   Notes
01.23.12 Agenda Applications by Term Notes
01.09.12 Agenda Key Terms

Program Data Sheets

12.19.11 Agenda Retention Committee Goals Notes
12.16.11 Agenda   Notes
11.14.11 Agenda Time is the Enemy Notes
10.31.11 Agenda Admission Trends

Grad Trends

Concept Proposal for Area E_FY Seminar

Masters Historical Apps

10.17.11 Agenda CSU Engaged Learning Action Items
10.03.11 Agenda   Notes
09.19.11 Agenda WICHE Nomination Procedure

WICHE Nomination Memo

08.22.11 Agenda    


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