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Enrollment Management Working Group

Each of the 23 campuses within the CSU has been charged with improving student success and graduation rates. In order to effectively meet this charge, the Enrollment Management Working Group (EMWG) was formed, co-chaired by the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs and the Vice President for Enrollment Management and Student Affairs.

The EMWG’s specific charges are to communicate to the University community the role of enrollment planning in institutional success; and to systematically review strategies within our Enrollment Management Plan and direct appropriate human and financial resources toward their achievement.

EMWG Members

Alex Hwu AVP College of Extended Education & Global Engagement
Professor Borbala "Bori" Mazzag Faculty Representative
Clint Rebik Registrar
Lisa Castellino DIrector, Institutional Research & Planning
Jená Burges Vice Provost and Dean, Undergraduate and Graduate Studies
Kenneth Ayoob Dean, College of Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences
Kristen Stegeman - Gould Interim Director, Marketing & Communication
Noah Zerbe Chair, University Senate
Peg Blake Vice President, Student Affairs
Peggy Metzger Associate Director, Financial Aid
Radha Webley Director, Diversity & Inclusion and Interim AVP, Retention
Denice Helwig Director, Center for International Programs
Jenny Zorn Interim Provost & Vice President, Academic Affairs
Steven Ladwig Interim Director, Admissions & Records
Steven Smith Dean, College of Natural Resources & Sciences
Vikash Lakhani AVP, Enrollment Management

Enrollment Management Plan



Agendas and Handouts

The EMWG meets regularly to review the effectiveness of the enrollment initiatives, examine new trends, realities, and data, and modify the EMP as necessary.

Bimonthly Grad Rate Improvement Reports

The EMWG also submits bimonthly reports to the CSU Graduation Initiative Task Force. These reports are provided below.

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