Academic Affairs

Retention and Student Success Re-organization Working Group

Overview: In order to better coordinate retention and student success, units from Student Affairs and Academic Affairs that are primarily focused on these efforts will be re-organized under an AVP for Retention & Inclusive Student Success.  The two main goals of the reorganization are to better serve all students and in particular to more effectively support our most under-served populations.  The Provost & the Vice President for Enrollment Management & Student Affairs will develop a plan for the broad organizational structure of the new unit.  They will also appoint a working group to develop recommendations relative to the components of this re-organization that involve the coordination of our support for under-served populations in particular (see below).

Charge: The Retention and Student Success Re-organization Working Group will focus on a recommendation to develop and re-organize programs that serve HSU’s most under-served populations. The Provost and the Vice President for Enrollment Management & Student Affairs will ask that this group look at all existing campus programs for supporting students from under-served populations and recommend a model that re-organizes these programs to provide targeted yet closely coordinated support to the various student populations served by these programs.  The Retention and Student Success Re-organization Working Group's recommendation will address:

1.        How to provide both academic and co-curricular support effectively.  This will involve coordinating with other academic and co-curricular advising and support efforts.
2.        How to restructure and integrate existing efforts with new efforts to support all under-served populations. (Draft Structure)
3.        How to develop and coordinate a support structure that sets high expectations for students and then provides the support necessary to meet those expectations.

In developing its recommendation, the Retention and Student Success Re-organization Working Group will consult broadly within the University and research best practices outside the University.

Timeline:  The Retention and Student Success Re-organization Working Group will present its recommendation this semester in time to begin implementing the new structure in AY 2013-2014.

Membership: In consultation with the University Senate

Radha Webley, Director, Office of Diversity & Inclusion (Chair)
Adrienne Colegrove-Raymond, Director, Student Academic Services Outreach Program and Talent Search
Gregg Gold, Chair, Department of Psychology
Jacque Honda, Director, Office of Institutional Research & Planning
Mary Virnoche, Chair, Department of Sociology
Steve Ladwig, Interim Director, Admissions
Steve Smith, Dean, College of Natural Resources & Sciences
Tay Triggs, Associate Dean, Student Engagement & Leadership

Process: In order to develop recommendations according to the above charge, the Retention and Student Success Re-Organization Working Group is undertaking a broad information-gathering effort to garner wide input from the campus community on this charge. Our process includes the following:

Review of HSU background information: HSU student retention and graduation rates, information on HSU units currently focused on supporting underrepresented students, and recent proposals for improving support for underrepresented students at HSU

Review of national best practices and reports on strategies for supporting the success of underrepresented students

Consultations with HSU student support units (meeting minutes will be posted as available)

o   Educational Opportunity Program

o   ELITE Scholars program

o   Indian Tribal and Educational Personnel Program

o   Indian Natural Resource, Science and Engineering Program

o   Latino Peer Mentoring program

o   MultiCultural Center

o   Residential Academic Mentoring Program

Student Feedback Forum: Thursday, April 11th 5.00-6.30 in the Klamath River Room (minutes will be posted after the forum)

Consultations with student support units at other public California universities (summary of feedback gathered will be posted as available)

Have feedback to offer? We welcome input from all members of the HSU campus community on this charge.  To offer your suggestions or comments, feel free to contact any of the members of this Working Group (see membership list above for names and email addresses) or to send comments via

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