Ariel Gruenthal

Ariel Gruenthal
Major: Anthropology
Coroner's Intern
Humboldt County Coroner & Public Administrator
Eureka, CA

Tenacious intern assists coroner with autopsies

Ariel says…

Internship duties? I assist with on-scene and off-scene investigation, including being on call. I am being trained to assist with autopsies. I inventory property of the deceased and arrange for clean out of residences and handle front desk duties including phones and filing.

Best thing about my internship? Everyday you learn something new and interesting - from anatomy to law enforcement to public relations. Also, the people are all extremely welcoming and knowledgeable.

What I learned that will prepare me for my future career? I’m studying forensic anthropology, so anything having to do with human biology is going to be crucial to my future. I'm also learning what it is like to work cooperatively with many different people on one case or issue. You get a great sense of professionalism in this job.

What I learned from my HSU education that prepared me for this internship? I have a good working knowledge of human osteology which can really come in handy. I've also worked on a couple forensic anthropology cases for the coroner in conjunction with the Anthropology Department. That opportunity allowed me a window into how crime investigations work, and how a specialist in the field should conduct themselves.

How I found my internship? My advisor actually told me about the opportunity, so I typed up my resume and walked it in. I thought it would be better for someone to see me physically handing in my resume, rather than being a faceless person emailing it in.

Internship search advice? Just remember that there are opportunities everywhere for every major, and that you’ve just got to get out there and find them. Departmental word of mouth is really a wonderful way to hear about opportunities. Also, don't think because an organization isn't offering an internship that it is impossible to get one there - it never hurts to go in and ask. If you find something you're passionate about, don't let it slip away - be tenacious.