Benjamin Davis

Benjamin Davis
Applied Technology
Ind. Design Intern
Fire & Light
Arcata, CA

Interns creative thinking saves energy

Ben says…

Internship duties? Fire & Light uses recycled glass to create their products and the energy costs are significant. I was hired to research and develop a means to reduce the energy used by the gas-fired kilns. Through investigation and discussions with the staff, I discovered that a heat recuperation system used to preheat the air intake was the best option. I then helped design a system appropriate for Fire & Light's kilns.

Best thing about internship? The creative atmosphere at Fire & Light; hearing "what if…" rather than "we can't…" Being involved in the fabrication and installation of the recuperation system; I've truly had my hands on every step of this project!

What I learned from my HSU education that prepared me for this internship? I learned a wide array of research, design, manufacturing engineering, and fabrication skills as an Applied Technology major at HSU. But most of all I gained the desire to change and improve the way we live our daily lives.

How the Career Center has been a support? Throughout my college experience, the Career Center has always been there for me if I needed help. They have helped me with finding a summer job and with polishing my resume. They also helped me prepare my graduate school applications. Furthermore, they helped me focus in on what it is I want to do and have shown me the way to get there.

Advice to current HSU students? Find what it is that you love to do, and don't let anything come in the way of that! You may hit minor setbacks along the way, but as Tow Kelly of IDEO says "Fail often to succeed sooner." If you don't take risks and put your neck out there you'll find it hard to succeed.