Curt Barnes

Curt Barnes
Wildlife Management & Conservation Major
Barred Owl Intern
Redwood National and State Parks
Orick, CA

Intern studies mystery of amazing owls

Curt says…

Internship duties? I tracked Barred Owls through the use of radio telemetry in an effort to determine home range. Triangulation, GPS equipment, and orienteering were several of the techniques used for the project. I also helped capture owls and attach radio backpacks to obtain more telemetry data later.

Best thing about internship? I enjoyed being in the "great outdoors" in a night time setting (which few people get to experience as I did) and interacting with the Barred Owls themselves. Owls are amazing creatures which provoke thoughts of great mystery and wonder so it was a joy to have the opportunity to study them. Also I felt I learned a lot and made a valuable contribution to the field of wildlife management.

How I found my internship? I initially found my internship on a search of Springboard, the Career Center job search database. Though tempted to apply that instant, I instead made an appointment the next day with an Internship Peer Advisor (IPA). She looked at my resume and made suggestions as well as helped me write a good letter of interest. The IPA also went over the interview process and helped me gain the confidence I needed to succeed.

Internship Search Advice? Don't be afraid to ask for help searching for as well as applying for internships. Help from an IPA at the Career Center can quickly eliminate the tension involved with searching and applying for internships. I would especially like to encourage disabled students like myself (either physically or mentally) to feel comfortable applying for internships.