Emily Astley

Emily Astley
Major: Geology
Research Experience
University of Arizona
Tanzania, East Africa

HSU intern at world's largest lake… Lake Tanganyika

Emily says…

Internship duties? I conducted offshore bathymetric mapping of 2 streams (one in a forested area and one in a de-forested area) to determine how the tectonic setting affected sediment transport as part of on-going research of Lake Tanganyika.

Best thing about my internship? This was a life-changing experience for me...to be living in Tanzania, which is so different from here. I was able to see how people there lived and I was able to become part of the community. One of the best things about the internship was a chance to work with Tanzanian students and to hear their viewpoints about the sciences.

How my HSU education prepared me for this internship? The semester before I left, I took a full load of geology courses at HSU, including an Applied Geophysics course. In this class, I learned to use echo-sounding techniques to collect data, which I was able to use in my research.

Career Center services I used to support my internship search? I attended a Career Center workshop on resume writing. As a follow-up, I had an appointment with my career counselor to look over and polish my resume and the essay I had written to apply for the position.

Internship search advice? Do what you can to TRY to find internships. Believe it or not, you can do it and can learn to put your best foot forward. I would encourage students to apply for many positions. Keep up your grades, because a high GPA helps you to be more competitive for REU positions.