Eric Greer

Eric Greer
Communication Major
TV News Reporter
KOMO 4 News (ABC Affiliate)
Seattle, WA

TV news internship builds confidence

Eric says…

Internship duties? I shadowed a reporter, drafted up my own story from the events that occurred, produced voice tracks and anchored the evening news.

Best thing about internship? My mentor . . . he worked with me beyond what was entailed in the job description. By allowing me to see both my good and bad qualities, he built my confidence as well as taught me to develop a tough skin to handle the criticism entailed in this career.

How I found my Internship? I looked on the internet, and made phone calls to news stations in Virginia, North Carolina, and Los Angeles prior to my contact with KOMO 4 in Seattle. But Virginia had already completed their hiring, I never heard back from North Carolina, and I knew a Los Angeles station would not provide me with the taped resume I wanted. So I kept my contacts friendly and frequent with KOMO, and decided to take the internship when one became available.

Career Center services I used to support my internship search? I initially came to the Career Center to discuss a decision: whether or not to pursue my dream of becoming a reporter. My career counselor encouraged me to take the internship and not to allow my fears to detour me from my dreams. I used the career library computers to conduct my search and I received assistance with my resume.

Best tip for other students seeking an internship? Throughout my college experience, the Career Center has always been there for me if I needed help. They have helped me with finding a summer job and with polishing my resume. They also helped me prepare my graduate school applications. Furthermore, they helped me focus in on what it is I want to do and have shown me the way to get there.

Advice to current HSU students? Pinpoint what you want and look for effective ways to go out and get it. Always go to the Career Center to look for internships if you don't know how to find the resources you want. Then, be sure to make direct contact with the employer where you want to work. And become extremely friendly with the HR department. Make as many contacts as you can because one is going to come through. And there is no such thing as doing too many internships.