Eric McDermott

Eric McDermott
Forestry Major
Fisheries Minor
Forestry Intern
Oregon Department of Forestry
Salem, OR

Forestry intern outdoors for three summers

Eric says…

Internship Duties? During my three summers of work I was able to be involved in, and in charge of post harvest stream and upland surveys, Spotted Owl surveys, endangered plant studies, Stand Level Inventory contract check cruising, and development of a handheld software data collection "how-to-use" field handbook.

How I found this internship? I found my internship by talking to the recruiters from the Oregon Department of Forestry at the Career Expo on campus my freshman year. From there I completed a mail-in application, was interviewed over the phone and before I knew it I was hired. One great thing about getting this position was that it was located in my home town so I did not have to go through the difficulties of finding my own place to live for the summer.

Best thing about this internship? The ability for me to have the trust and freedom in making my own decisions in the field was the best. The Oregon Department of Forestry was very kind and welcoming to me. After working with them for a while they gave me the freedom of doing things on my own and making independent research decisions while out in the field. Also being outdoors and enjoying nature everyday for the entire summer wasn't bad either.

Internship search advice? I think that all students should seek out and experience internships as soon and as often as possible. Going to the Career Expo is a great opportunity to see and speak with many employers. In addition I would strongly suggest that students use the services that the Career Center has to offer along the lines of internship and career possibilities.