Jerri Sweeney

Jerri Sweeney
Theatre, Film and Dance Major - Dance Emphasis
Dance Intern
Debbie Allen Dance Academy
Culver City, CA

"Nothing can stop you" intern dances with the stars

Jerri says…

Summer experience duties? I trained daily for four weeks in a variety of dance styles including ballet, jazz, flamenco, and hip hop under a host of renowned professional and retired dancers and choreographers including Debbie Allen herself.

Best thing about summer experience? I was exposed to some of the most amazing people I've ever met—from folks at home in L.A to sponsored dancers from India. It was a very rich experience culturally and in the types of movement I was able to dig into.

What I learned from my major that prepared me for this experience? To be myself! The Theatre, Film and Dance Department are so amazing and not only did they prepare me physically for Summer Intensive but they prepared me mentally and spiritually to be in the moment and to just let the dance happen to and through me instead of trying so hard to be in control

How I found my summer experience? The Internet. I have always been interested in the Academy and as I was poking around their website, I saw that the intensive program and it was just in time for summer break. So I printed up the application and called to set up an audition

Career Center services I used to support my search? My career counselor is great! Just getting to talk to a counselor who would question what was going to get me closer to starting my career was enough. I was creating a resume with my career counselor and discussing scholarships when I decided I had to make her proud.

Advice for other students? Be honest about what you want to experience. Dive in! Nothing can stop you….I was sponsored on a fluke to participate in the Summer Intensive program. So DO NOT BE DISCOURAGED! You can go anywhere and do anything you want.