Jessica Watson

Jessica Watson
Psychology Major
District Attorney Intern
County of Humboldt
Eureka, CA

District attorney intern never takes "no" for an answer

Jessica says…

Internship duties? I reviewed cases, researched points and authorities, compiled trial binders and case summaries, created trial exhibits, located witnesses, arranged court appearances, and wrote reports.

Best thing about internship? I gained a better understanding of how the criminal justice system works. This internship very much strengthened my desire to go to law school and become an attorney.

How I found my internship? The District Attorney was a guest speaker on one of my classes and I asked him for an internship. He said to email him so I did, for weeks until he gave me one!

What I learned from my HSU education that prepared me for this internship? My research skills as well as my writing skills really came in handy.

Advice to current HSU students? Any student who wants an internship can get one, they just need to put in all the time and effort. Just be persistent and don't give up too easily. Never take "no" for an answer. It took about a semester to finally get the District Attorney to hire me. Also make sure that you are searching for something you really enjoy. Otherwise, you will be stuck working hard doing tasks you don't enjoy. Internships require a lot of hard work!