Yazmin Prado

Yazmin Prado
Sociology Major
Probation Intern
Tulare Probation Department
Tulare, CA

Intern unlocks positive side of probation

Yasmin says…

Internship duties? I worked as a probation officer intern at Tulare Union High School assuring that students on ward were completing the terms assigned to them by the court.

Best thing about internship? It was a great way for me to understand the other side of probation. Being a teenager once, I saw the probation officer as somebody who only wanted to keep kids under control. Now that I have worked as a probation officer intern, I see that the situation is more complex than just keeping kids controlled. The officer has to be able to make the right decision quickly without it being personal or opinionated.

What I learned from my HSU education that prepared me for this internship? One thing I always kept in mind was what I have learned from my major, Sociology. I relied on my education when analyzing a given situation. I personally believe that many kids are in probation simply because they need attention from somebody. Often their parents aren't there or fail to take on the parent role and the teens become rebellious, obtaining the attention they need by other means.

Career services I used to locate my internship? I started by visiting the Career Center to ask about law schools. It progressed into searching for internships to gain some experience. My career counselor and I made a list of all of the possible places I could intern in my hometown. During spring break, I visited all of the possibilities and found that the probation department was seeking summer interns. I learned from my career counselor that I could just simply inquire about internships even if none are advertised. Without that guidance, I wouldn't have obtained my summer internship.

Advice to current HSU students? An internship does not have to be done during the school year. It's understandable that there can be too much to do during the school year; there may not be time for an internship. Internships can be done anywhere, at any time of year.