Yvonne Sandoval

Yvonne Sandoval
Elementary Education
Executive Intern
Eureka, CA

Executive intern right on target

Yvonne says…

Internship duties? I prepared for and participated in "Leader on Duty" shifts; I made the decisions, answered questions, and motivated the team. I also became familiar with all areas of the store and created a project to improve a specific area. My project focused on improving our guest service by focusing on survey scores. I came up with a plan to motivate our team members to provide better services and retrieve positive guest feedback. I then presented the project to the Target directors in Santa Rosa.

Best thing about internship? I can now see myself in a career field I had never imagined before. I went into this looking for a summer experience and didn't see it as something that could possibly change my mind about my future or my major. I realized that business, just like teaching, is finding out how to motivate people to get an end result.

How I found my Internship? At first I was just looking for a summer job. I searched on Monster.com and in the local newspaper. Then I found the Target internship on-line through the Career Center's Springboard listings. I applied to the Target position and kept following-up

Advice to current HSU students? Never feel that you aren't qualified for an internship; apply anyway and then if you get an interview, WOW them! I was not the major they were looking for, or the grade level, but I convinced myself that it wouldn't hurt to apply.

Career Center services I used to locate my internship? First I found the internship listing on Springboard. Then I visited the Career Center during walk-in hours to speak with a career counselor about interviewing techniques. We reviewed the requirements for the job and came up with questions that the employer might ask. I then did a mock interview. I also formed some questions that I wanted to ask the employer. Lastly, I attended a resume writing workshop where I worked on my wording and identified previous job duties.