Academic Programs

Academic Programs provides leadership in maintaining a university-wide perspective on the development and evaluation of academic programs and the Vice Provost represents this broad perspective on the Integrated Curriculum Committee. This office is responsible for coordinating assessment activities, program reviews and accountability, and campus accreditation activities. It coordinates with the Chancellor's Office in securing approval for new programs.


Annual Course Catalog Cleanup
Learn about the timeline for reviewing courses slated for automatic suspension.

NEW - Pilot GE Guidelines [pdf]

Encouraging innovative experimental courses / course clusters in General Education/All-university Requirements (GEAR) 

Implementation of Trustees Title 5 Changes to Baccalaureate Degrees

CSU AA-2013-02 with attachments

Next meeting of the ICC:

April 26, 2016  9 - 10:50 a.m. Meet in subcommittees:  AMP in NHE 106 and CDC in NHE 118.

SB 1440 (Student Transfer Achievement Reform Act)

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