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GE and All-University Requirements (GEAR)

GEAR stands for General Education and All-University Requirements. The GEAR committee is a satellite committee of the Integrated Curriculum Committee (ICC), and is comprised of 7 faculty members and the Director of Educational Effectiveness. You may submit comments or questions regarding GEAR committee activities or general education assessment at any time to Elisabeth Harrington, committee chair.

GEAR Committee Membership
Title Name Email Phone
Chair Mary Dingle mary.dingle x3719
CAHSS Representative Laurie Pinkert laurie.pinkert 5937
CNRS Representative Monty Mola mmm67 x5328
CPS Representative Hari Singh hs807 x3762
Faculty At-Large Suzanne Pasztor sp49 x3643
Student vacant    
Vice Provost, Academic Programs Jena' Burges jena.burges x3511

NEW - Pilot GE Guidelines (pdf)

GEAR SLO Assignment Inventory Form (Word) This form needs to be included with new GE course proposals and proposals to add GE designation to existing courses. Do not use this form with proposals to satisfy a GE area through a course of study.

Draft Proposal for New GEAR Director Position (pdf)

Draft HSU Baccalaureate Outcomes (pdf)

GEAR Committee Presentation Convocation 2013 (pdf)

Learning Outcomes

General Education Requirement:

Satisfy Area E and/or UD GE Requirements through Course of Study

Resolution on Accepting a Course of Study as Fulfilling Area E and/or Upper Division GE (pdf)

Proposal to Satisfy Upper Division Area B through Course of Study (Word)

Proposal to Satisfy Upper Division Area C through Course of Study (Word)

Proposal to Satisfy Upper Division Area D through Course of Study (Word)

Proposal to Satisfy Area E through Course of Study (Word)

Diversity and Common Ground Requirements

Institutions Requirement:



Humboldt State University