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Integrated Curriculum Committee

Next ICC Meeting: 

Tuesday, August 22, 2017 from 9 to 10:50 a.m. in NHE 106.

Chair: Dale Oliver, Department of Mathematics
Behavioral and Social Sciences Building, Room 334

Curriculum Coordinator: Jodie Slack
Siemens Hall, Room 217A
fax 707.826.6179

Nolij Instructions for ICC Members [pdf]

Nolij Instructions for Departments [pdf]

Nolij Site for tracking and viewing curriculum proposals

Agendas and Meeting Notes

Committee Policies and Structure

Committee Members

Integrated Curriculum Committee Constitution Revised Spring 2015 [pdf]

Curriculum Workflow Diagram [pdf]

ICC Diagram of Membership & Interactions with University Senate [pdf]

Academic Master Plan 15-16 through 25-26 & Explanation of Changes [Word]

CSU General Education Breadth Requirements and Institutions Requirement

CSU General Education Breadth Requirements: Executive Order 1033

CSU Institutions Requirements: Executive Order 405

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