Understanding the HUMGL005 Account Balance Report

What is it for?

Use the HUMGL005 to get a high-level picture of the status of your accounts as of a particular moment: how much you've spent, how much you've contracted to spend, and how much budget is available. The report serves the same purpose as the AM090 in FRS.

How do I run it?

  • Business Unit: HMCMP.
  • Fiscal Year/Accounting Period: choose the period you want to report as of. The report is cumulative through the selected period.
  • Department: specify your own department ID (Dnnnnn).

Leave all other fields blank, to get all expenditure and revenue accounts, all funds, all programs/classes/projects for your department. If you are only interested in a single value for any of these, you may specify it.

What do I see?


Each line in the report summarizes to fund within account. (For a report that summarizes to program within fund within account, see the HUMGL008).

Subtotals appear on fund, account, account type (revenues or expenditures), and department.


This table holds information on HUMGL005 Account Balance Report columns
Column Amount Type Description
Budget Budget Total budget allocated through the as-of period.
Period 0 yyyy Balance Actuals Beginning balance for specified fiscal year, if any; i.e., roll-forward from prior year.
07/01/yyyy to mm/dd/yyyy Actuals Prior-period totals for specified fiscal year, cumulative from Period 1. (Except for July, when consists of current period.) "YTD".
Current Activity Actuals Current period totals; i.e., the as-of period, isolated. "MTD".
Current Balance Actuals Total of all actuals through the as-of period, calculated as the sum of the previous three columns. (Except for July, when the YTD duplicates the MTD.)
Balance Encumbrance Encumbrance Total net encumbrances through the as-of period; i.e., encumbrance amount outstanding.
Balance Available Composite What is available to spend. Calculated as the net of all previous columns: Budget less Current Balance [Actuals] less Balance Encumbrance.