Understanding the HUMGL015

What is it for?

Use the HUMGL015 to see where your account balances came from. It "explains" each total for a given period in the HUMGL005 by showing the specific underlying transaction activity for that period. The report serves the same purpose as the AM091 in FRS.

How do I run it?

  • Business Unit: accept default HMCMP.
  • Fiscal Year/Accounting Period: choose the period in which you want to examine activity. The report is not cumulative; it shows only activity posted in the selected period.
  • Department: specify your own department ID (Dnnnnn).
  • Account Range: accept default (all revenues and expenditures).

Leave all other fields blank, to get all funds, all programs/classes/projects for your department. If you are only interested in a single value for any of these, you may specify it.

What do I see?


Each line in the report represents a financial transaction at the lowest level available to you in PS Finance. This varies by subsystem: for instance: purchasing information is highly detailed; appearing at the PO line level; while payroll information only appears at the journal line level, summarized to chartfield combination rather than by individual. Where activity moves through multiple ledgers, as in purchasing, you will see the movement out of one ledger and into another as two separate transactions.

Subtotals appear on account, fund, and department.


This table holds information on HUMGL0015 Account Balance Report columns
Column Function Description
Trans Date Descriptive Date of original transaction. (Actual meaning varies.) Not a posting date, so may be outside the selected accounting period.
Src Descriptive Subsystem where transaction originated. For all transactions going through journals, equals Journal Source; for all commitment control transactions, equals "KK".
Tran Type Descriptive Category of activity within subsystem. Possible values include:
  • ACCRUAL -- voucher (actuals)
  • AP_VOUCHER -- voucher (KK)
  • HRADJ -- labor corrections
  • HRLABOR -- labor distribution
  • PO_POENC -- purchase order (KK)
For budget, equals Scenario. For Banner, equals the Banner Batch Type. For all others, equals the first 10 characters of the journal header description. For instance, Charge Backs are entered as "CB xxxxx".
Tran Description Descriptive Description associated with the specific transaction. For all transactions in purchasing pathway (i.e., POs, vouchers), equals vendor name. For Banner transactions, equals person or organization name. For all others, equals journal line description.
Ledger Dollar Class Name of Ledger to which amount was posted.
Amount Dollars Monetary amount of transaction.
Doc Type Reference Type of document referenced in Doc ID, if any. VCHR=voucher, PO=purchase order, RCPT=Banner cash receipt, JREF=journal reference.
Doc ID Reference Document reference number. PO and voucher numbers can be looked up in PS Finance; Banner receipt numbers can be looked up in Banner; journal references are generally source document numbers entered and understood by Accounting.
Journal ID Reference ID of journal through which the transaction entered the ledger. Can be looked up in PS Finance. Not applicable for KK transactions.
Journal Line Reference Line of journal through which the transaction entered the ledger. Together with journal ID, can be looked up in PS Finance. Not applicable for KK transactions.