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After You Apply:
Humboldt Orientation Program

New freshmen must attend a session of the Humboldt Orientation Program (HOP). Transfer students have the option of completing the Humboldt Online Orientation Program (HOOP). After you've been admitted, additional information will be sent to you about HOP or HOOP. (Returning students, second bachelor's students, unclassified post-baccalaureate students do not attend HOP or HOOP; they will be sent registration materials in the mail so that they can register online.)

The Humboldt Orientation Program sessions include tours of campus, plenty of fun and opportunities to meet other new students, and advising to prepare you for the transition to Humboldt State University. The final event of Orientation is to actually register for classes. While we encourage our fall applicants to take the EPT/ELM by the first week of May, you can also take the EPT and ELM tests during Orientation.