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Upper Division Transfer Requirements

Once an undergraduate student has earned 60 or more transferable semester units (equivalent to 90 quarter units), he or she is considered an upper division transfer student.

Upper division transfers and lower division transfers have completely different admission requirements. Read them carefully! If you aren't sure how many college units you will have, check copies of your transcripts and/or talk to a college counselor.

Beginning October 1, Fall 2016 transfer requirements are:

  1. You must complete -- before your application term -- at least 60 transferable semester college units, with at least a 2.0 cumulative grade point average based on your transferable work.
  2. Within those 60 units, you must complete at least 30 units of general education (GE) coursework with grades of C- or higher. If you'd like to check GE courses online for California public colleges, you can go to for useful course lists by college and GE subject area.
  3. As part of those 30 GE units, you must complete, with C- or better all four of these subject areas:
    • Written Communication (College English)
    • Oral Communication (Speech)
    • Critical Thinking
    • Mathematics/Quantitative Reasoning.
  4. All required subjects must be completed before your first term at Humboldt. Fall applicants must complete all admission requirements before summer begins.
  5. You must be in good academic standing at the last institution attended.
  6. Applicants to the following majors must meet supplemental criteria due to transfer major impaction:  Biology, Botany, Zoology, Environmental Resource Engineering, Environmental Science & Management, Social Work and Wildlife. 

    Students transferring from a California Community College should complete equivalent courses for the desired major as listed on Students transferring from out of state are encouraged to review the HSU Calalog course descriptions and should complete comparable coursework.  We strongly encourage all applicants to impacted majors to consult the HSU catalog and to complete as many of the lower division courses for their major as practical prior to transfer.

The following supplemental admission criteria will be used for


  • Upper Division Transfer applicants in Biology, Botany, Wildlife or Zoology must have completed the following combination of coursework (three courses minimum) all with grades of C- or better:
    • One semester of pre-calculus mathematics required
      • MATH 115: Algebra & Elementary Functions
      • or higher level mathematics also accepted, e.g. MATH 109-Calculus I
    • And, complete at least two of the following courses designed for majors in the sciences
      • BIOL 105: Principles of Biology with lab
      • BOT 105: General Botany with lab
      • ZOOL 110: Introductory Zoology with lab
      • CHEM 109: General Chemistry I with lab (one semester of general chemistry typical for a biology major with lab)
      • CHEM 107 is acceptable for Wildlife
  • Upper Division Transfer applicants in Environmental Science and Management must have completed at least one of the following courses with grades of C- or better:
    • STAT (108 or 109)
    • CHEM 107
    • BOT 105 or BIOL 105
    • EMP 105 or ENVS 110
    • GSP 101
  • Upper Division Transfer applicants in Environmental Resources Engineering must have completed one semester of calculus with a grade of C- or better:
    • MATH 109: Calculus I
    • NOTE: Transfer applicants to the ERE major are NOT required to complete GE area A Critical Thinking.
  • Upper Division Transfer applicants in Social Work must have completed the following pre-requisite courses (or their equivalent):
    • Statistics (STAT 108)
    • Introduction to Ethnic Studies (ES 105), Introduction to Native American Studies (NAS 104), or Power & Privilege (CRGS 108)
    • Introduction to Social Work (SW 104)
    • Beginning Social Work Experience (SW 255) (or related experience) and,
    • Submit a writing sample that addresses demonstrated professional commitment to Northern California and/or Tribal communities.