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Elisha Creighton, Regional Admissions Counselor

Service Regions: Greater Los Angeles and Southern California

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Gema Ortiz-Lombardo, C.A.M.B.I.O Grant Coordinator

and Forestry/Wildland Resources Recruiter

Service Regions: Local and Central Valley (Bakersfield and Fresno)

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 John Panting, Admissions Counselor

John Panting, Admissions Counselor

Service Regions: Local, Central Valley, Central Coast, Sacramento and out-of-state (Colorado, Texas, and Hawaii)

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 Marc Pumpkinthief, Admissions Counselor

Service Regions: San Diego and Inland Empire/ Out of State: Idaho, Washington, and Oregon

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Tesia Johnson, Regional Admission Counselor

Tesia Johnson: Regional Admission Counselor

Service Regions: Greater Bay Area and Northern California

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