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Guide to Campus Advising Resources

Since advising encompasses so much, it’s important to realize that you don’t undertake it alone, but that you’re an essential part of a supportive network. Here are some campus offices and programs that support and supplement advising.

Advising Center

SBS 295, 826-5224; for students--advising as undeclared students explore majors, help with GE/ all-university requirements, clarification on academic policies, advice on petitions to substitute. For advisors--advisor bulletins, workshops, tools, worksheets.

Office of the Registrar

SBS 133, 826-4101, for records and registration support, clarification on academic policies, general referral, applications for graduation and post-application for graduation DARS/degree check reviews and graduation counselors contact information.

Career Center

Nelson Hall West 130, 826-5217, for help in matching academic to career goals, career searches and resume building, internships selection and placement, help with part-time job searches,

Counseling and Psychological Services

Health Center, 826-3236, for students who need personal or psychological counseling, group counseling for a variety of issues,

Diversity & Inclusion Office

SH 209, 826-4503, supports cultural programs, educational experiences and professional development opportunities for students, staff and faculty that work to deepen understanding across various groups, to advocate for social justice, and to improve the climate in classrooms and other institutional spaces.

Bias Response Team
Humboldt State University’s bias response process exists to provide a confidential, safe space where a target of bias may have their voice heard; to contribute to a campus climate of civility, respect and social justice; and to ensure that bias incidents are met with a comprehensive response.

Educational Opportunity Program

House 56, 826-4781, support for historically underrepresented students

Financial Aid

SBS Second Floor, 826-4321, for questions/issues regarding advisee’s financial aid,

Health & Wellness Center

Northeast of Library Circle, 826-3146, student outpatient medical facility,

Housing & Dining

Jolly Giant Commons 301, 826-3451, for issues regarding living in the residence halls.

Indian Natural Resource, Science, & Engineering Program (INRSEP)

Walter Warren House 38, 826-4998, student support program designed for American Indian, Alaska Native, and Native Hawaiian students pursuing degrees in the natural resource and science disciplines under the College of Natural Resources and Sciences (CNRS) at HSU.

Indian Teacher & Educational Personnel Program (ITEPP)

Brero House 93, 826-3672, a non-instructional academic support program that assists Native students in navigating the University system, and supports students in a wide array of academic disciplines and all majors preparatory to teaching.

Learning Commons

Library 101, 826-5598, offers many valuable services to students (see below) as well as a comfortable, quiet, welcoming environment to study, access resources, and get expert assistance,

Learning Center (Learning Commons)

Library Basement (Room 55), 826-4266, for students wishing to maximize their academic performance, or who are experiencing academic difficulty, on academic probation, seeking tutors, academic coaching, development of strong study skills, etc.,

National Student Exchange

SBS 295, 826-6229 for students interested in studying at one of more than 150 universities in the US, Canada, and Virgin Islands, Dana Deason in the Advising Center:

Student Disability Resource Center (Learning Commons)

Library Basement, 826-4678, support for students with disabilities,

Student Services Directory

a comprehensive online directory of student services compiled by the Division of Student Affairs,

Study Abroad Advisor

SH 130, for students wishing to explore Study Abroad opportunities, Penelope Shaw 826-3942, Office of Research and Graduate Studies,

Testing Center (Learning Commons)

Library Basement (Room 24), 826-3611, administers and provides information for a wide variety of tests, including those for college/university admission, for course placement, for proficiency, and for vocational interest,

Veterans Affairs

Library Basement, (Room 57), 826-6272, provides support and resources for student veterans,

Writing Center (Learning Commons)

Library Basement (Room 32), 826-5946, for students who need help with writing papers,

Advising Center
SBS 295 • 1 Harpst St., Arcata, CA 95521 • 707.826.5224 • Contact Us.