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Diversity and Common Ground (DCG)

  • GE /DCG double-count list Fall 2014[pdf]
  • DCG courses Fall 2014[pdf]

  • Recognizing the increasing cultural diversity of California's population, and the importance of understanding diverse cultural experiences, identities and how differential privilege and power are organized, the university requires that students complete a Diversity and Common Ground (DCG) requirement as part of the baccalaureate degree program. Undergraduates must complete at least two DCG courses; one of these courses must be designated domestic (focused within the boundaries of the United States) while the second course may either be domestic or international/transnational (non-domestic) in focus. Students may meet the DCG requirement with courses that simultaneously meet other degree requirements (general education, the major or minor, US institutions, or the elective component).

    Approved courses are subject to change. Courses used to count towards this requirement must be DCG approved at the time the course is taken. Students are advised to check the current Registration Guide and Schedule of Classes or on-line for the most current list of DCG approved courses.

    Only courses currently designated DCG (as of Fall 2003) count towards the fulfillment of the DCG requirement; prior DCG course designations no longer apply.

    Students enrolled under previous catalog years have to take two DCG courses, however there is no restriction on whether they are domestic/non-domestic. However no matter the catalog year, only courses currently designated DCG as of Fall 2003, count towards the DCG requirement.

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