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National Student Exchange Planning Tips

National Student Exchange

Planning Tips

  1. Discuss NSE participation with your family and friends, and win their support.
  2. Talk with former exchange participants and visiting NSE students.
  3. Create a reasonable timetable so that you can reach planning goals and meet deadlines comfortably.
  4. Use the checklist on the back inside cover of the NSE Directory to help you stay organized.
  5. Create a budget for your exchange.
  6. Discuss any exchange-related issues or concerns with the NSE coordinator.
  7. If receiving financial aid, submit your FAFSA by February 15th and be sure to include any campuses you are considering for exchange.
  8. Juniors and seniors should meet with their advisors to complete a major contract before applying to confirm which major requirements can be satisfied elsewhere.
  9. Seniors should apply for graduation at least one semester prior to going on exchange in order to receive a degree check before registering at the “host” campus.
  10. Seniors should meet the Graduate Writing Proficiency requirement (GWPE) prior to leaving if they intend to complete their final year while on exchange.

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