July 18-25, 2015

Program begins at 7 p.m. on Sat., July 18, and ends at 12:15 p.m. on Sat., July 25. An optional BBQ lunch is available beginning at 12:15 on July 25.


Kati Hernandez
Kati Hernandez

Advanced Orisha

Popular (Salsa/Rueda) Dance

Kati will be teaching three classes - First, an advanced class for the Orishás (Afro-Cuban divinities). This class will be taught each day and will be accompanied by live drumming by our faculty. Second, Kati will teach popular styles drawn from the rich tradition of Cuban one-on-one partner dances. Third, Kati will teach Rueda de Casino, where pairs of dancers form a circle and on cue do identical moves, often trading partners.

Jose CarrionJosÉ CarriÓn

Rumba, Haitiano, and Popular (Son) Dance

José will be teaching two classes. First, he will teach a folkloric dance class focusing on Rumba and dances from the Haitian tradition. Rumba brings together all the diverse elements of Afro-Cuban culture and has three distinct styles. This class will be taught each day and will be accompanied by live drumming by our faculty. Second, José will teach the popular dance style known as Son. Originating in the mountainous provinces of eastern Cuba, the son has spread throughout the world and is the major influence on what is today known as salsa.

  • José Carrión was the principal dancer of Ballet Folklórico Cutumba de Santiago de Cuba. Born in Santiago, he began his career as a professional dancer in 1980 when he was invited to join Cutumba at the age of 17. After 25 years of researching, revitalizing and presenting the folkloric and popular dance manifestations of Afro-Franco-Haitian-Cuban origin found primarily in Cuba's Eastern (Oriente) provinces, José retired from Cutumba and moved to the U.S. where he is currently co-directs the Academy of Cuban Folkore and Dance in Seattle, Washington.

Kimberly Miguel Mullen
Kimberly Miguel Mullen

Beginning Orishá Dance

Kimberly will teach a beginning level class on the fundamental steps and movements common to the different Orishás.

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