Application Support

Detailed Breakout of Application Support

Provided for Administrative and Student Affairs
  • PeopleSoft Finance & CFS implementation
  • Everything except central authentication

  • PeopleSoft HCM Student Finance and Sponsored Programs Foundation
  • Custom modification development and Maintenance

  • Administration and standardization of custom and third party applications.
  • This includes PyraMED, ProPHARM, SQL Server, MedPRO, MMS+, Electronic Plan Room, Prolog, CAPS-Titan, AutoCAD, MapGuide GIS for Space DataBase.

  • Web Development, support, migration, and certification of ATI.
  • Microsoft Database Support.
  • Assist functional experts in identifying new and more efficient technical solutions to achieve functional goals

Applications Supported by Department & Program

This table holds information on the applications AIS supports, including the divisions and departments that use those applications.
Division Departments Application Support Provided For:
Academic Affairs Career Development Center  
Job Location And Development  
Learning Center  
Service Learning Center  
Student Retention Initiatives  
Writing Center (Mac Lab)  
Administrative Affairs Accounting  
Accounts Payable  
Accounts Receivable  
Administrative Affairs Vice President  
Administrative Information Services SQL Server
Business Services Pay Warrents 
Budget Office  
Contracts and Procurement Procard
Construction Management Prolog
Distribution Services  
Environmental Health and Safety PeopleSoft Finance (Security, Reporting, Application Development)
Facilities Management MMS+
Facilities Planning and Development Electronic Plan Room
Financial Services PeopleSoft HCM (ITS)
Human Resources  
Parking Back-up
Payroll PeopleSoft HCM (ITS)
Plant Operations Engineers System, Sprinkler System, KeyCard 
Property Control  
Student Financial Services PeopleSoft Student Finance, Cashnet
UPD Back up - Domain, Exchange Server, File Share, Web Support
UPD Emergency Mgmt Back up - Domain, Exchange Server, File Share, Web Support
UPD Live Scan Back up - Domain, Exchange Server, File Share, Web Support
Presidents Division Intercollegiate Athletics TV Billboards in Gym
Student Affairs Associated Students  
Children'S Center  
Clubs & Student Activities  
Counseling & Psych Svcs  
Judicial Affairs  
Multicultural Center  
Student Affairs Vice President Web Administration
Student Clubs And Activities  
Student Disability Resource Center E-text Scanning
Student Health And Counseling MedPro, PyraMED, ProPHARM
Student Leadership And Orientation  
Student Life  
Testing Center  
Youth Education Services