Desktop Support


AIS publishes the minimum hardware recommendations for desktops, laptops, printers, and smart phones at the beginning of each semester. AIS also provides additional hardware and software services including set-up, software installation, configuration, and migration of user data to new workstations. Our current hardware recomendations are available here.


AIS also publishes corresponding administrative software baseline recommendations at the beginning of each semester. AIS also provides current software, vendor and license information, and download links to staff for installation of various software titles. Software titles are accessible based upon AD permission groups, the software license requirements and campus agreements. Our current baseline software recomendations are available here.


Spam, Spyware, and Viruses

AIS works hard to increase security awareness and mitigate problems regarding security, spam, spyware, and virus problems.

System Repair

AIS provides hardware and software repair services to staff and also provides assistance with warrantee service, hardware, software and operating system problems.

Data Recovery

AIS provides limited data recovery services to staff.

Data Protection

AIS provides best-practice recommendations to staff to protect their work and data from theft and catastrophic failure by using regular backup and security strategies.