Support Information

Role and Responsibilities


To ensure out customers have the tools they need to complete there day to day jobs. Including but not limited to: Assist and support the business users of the University through customer service, analysis, reengineering, automation, and standardization of business processes to simplify and streamline clients day to day operational needs.


Identify and support leading business and technology needs for the users within Administrative and Student Affairs. Based on those needs, maintain, update, and communicate divisional technical support strategy and vision to executive management. Implement technical solutions that not only support, but enhance functional users ability to perform their job. Coordinate divisional feedback loops (surveys) helping ensure services are being met.

Detailed Breakout of Services

Provided for Administrative and Student Affairs
  • Assist with the procurement and installation of IT resources.
  • This includes identifying users needs, researching options, communicating recommendations.

  • First point of contact for desktop support
  • software, hardware, networking

  • Liaison between functional users and central IT, vendors, and networking.
  • Monitor support requests through resolution.
  • Currently En-Fuego integrates with ITS KBOX system, facilitating bi-directional ticket escalation and resolution.

  • Business information disaster recovery policy/procedures/plan.
  • System administration
  • servers, desktops, network appliances

  • Actively maintain an inventory of the computer-related hardware and software. Coordinate hardware and software refresh plan.
  • Ensure all systems comply with the chancellor's office policies and technical community standards.

Departments and Programs AIS Supports

This table holds information on the areas AIS supports, including the divisions, departments, if we provide desktop support, and application support provided for.
Division Departments Supported By
Academic Affairs Writing Center (Mac Lab) AIS
Administrative Affairs Administrative Affairs Vice President AIS
Administrative Information Services AIS
Business Services AIS
Budget Office AIS
Contracts & Procurement AIS
Financial Services AIS
Human Resources AIS
Environmental Health & Safety AIS
Accounting AIS
Accounts Receivable AIS
Accounts Payable AIS
Student Financial Services AIS
Payroll AIS
Facilities Management AIS
Construction Management AIS
Plant Operations AIS
Distribution Services AIS
Property Control AIS
Maintenance AIS
Transportation AIS
Facilities Planning & Development AIS
Student Affairs Student Affairs Vice President AIS
Children's Center AIS
Multicultural Center AIS
Judicial Affairs AIS
Learning & Tutorial Center AIS
Student Clubs & Activities AIS
Student Leadership & Orientation AIS
Career Center AIS
Service Learning AIS
Youth Education Services AIS
Student Disability Resource Center AIS
Testing Center AIS
Student Health & Counseling AIS
Intercollegiate Athletics AIS
Associated Students AIS
Enrollment Management Dale Stanford,
Gary Noar,
Ward Headstrom
Housing & Residential Life Drew Meyer
University Police Ed Gordon &
University Center Scott Gerving