Web Support

Administrative Information Services supports the divisional, department, program and various other websites for the Divisions of Administrative Affairs and Student Affairs. 2010 looks to be an exciting year as we push to move the two divisions 50+ websites to a new web-server as well as address the need of various areas in Administrative Affairs that never had access to a web developer.

Current Web Status

AIS are currently working on a database to record the status of the various websites we support. Please check back again later to check it out.

Sites We Support

AIS supports all web sites owned by the Divisions of Administrative Affairs and Student Affairs, and the departments, programs, and special needs contained within. Student run sites, clubs, and organizations ran by students or only affiliated with the two divisions are not supported but can consult with us for limited support, mentoring, and suggestions.

Current Templates & Options

Currently AIS doesn’t design any custom templates for websites. This may change in the future as budget constraints and competing needs decrease.

AIS are currently using the templates featured on the campus web development website. We can provide limited graphical and color changes. A few examples can be seen on the MultiCultural, Service Learning, and DPAC website.

How to Be a Developer

In order to become a developer (do your own web site updates) you have to go through the process documented on the ITS website.

Why We Want To Be Owner

AIS is currently encouraging departments to let us be the owner of websites there are several reasons as listed below:

  • Be able to monitor to insure the website remains accessible
  • Keep access to the website available as staff may leave or change positions
  • Easier to provide access to Google Analytical Services.
  • Be able to log in and provide support should staff encounter issues or problems when doing updates.
  • Provide backups.

If an area would like to be owner they are of course welcome too but we encourage this approach for everybody involved.

Google Analytics

AIS is promoting the use of Google Analytics for the tracking of data regarding your website. This service can help you not only answer the question "Who is coming to my website" but also "What do they find most useful about my website". Contact us if you would like to see an example of everything Google Analytics can report to you about your website and how it’s used.

Google Search

AIS is now offering Google Search for department websites. Contact us if you would like to see Google Search up on your website.