The Nature of Good and Evil

This volume uses real events and narratives related to good and evil in order to illustrate these two important forms of human behavior. We suggest that processes of love, respect, dignity, caring, compassion and economic and political security for us and others are vitally important. The question remains and has been around for a long time, how do we move humanity from the position or place of doing harm to others to that of intervening on behalf of evil and thereby helping humans and society to unite. There have been a number of studies including our own past publications, which show that people who help others feel better about themselves, and their children feel proud of their parents who have made positive and profound differences to negative human conditions. We know that evil, which we define as the deliberate harming of people in many different ways who are considered by the harm doer as outsiders, will always be around, but the goal is to reduce its intensity and prevent and stop its destructive deeds before they start.

Chapter Title
1 Follow the Leader: Why People Go Against their Better Judgment?
2 How Could They Do That?: Understanding the Many Faces of Evil
3 Silently Standing By: Why We Do or Don’t Come to the Aid of Those Who Need Us
4 Paving the Way to Resistance: The Gift of Good during the Nazi Occupation 1939-1945
5 Preconditions of Resistance during the Armenian and Rwandan Genocides
6 Nature of Goodness
7 The World of Heroes: Why We Need Heroes
8 Conclusion

We are also currently working on a manuscript exploring what the future will look like 20-50 years from now. We are concerned with those altruistic and compassionate people that have gone before us, and who will replace them and when.