MA Applied Anthropology Current Students

Frank ArredondoFrank Arredondo
Research interests: History, ethnology, California coast, Chumash, archaeology, CEQA, NEPA, NAGPRA
Laura BenneLaura Benne
Research interests: Global gender inequality; advocacy; ethnography; ecological sustainability; Rwanda
Brandy ClarkBrandy Clark
Research interests: Cultural resource management, traditional ecological knowledge, land management policy.
Keduescha ColegroveKeduescha Colegrove
Research interests: Cultural resource management; heritage preservation; preservation planning utilizing traditional values
Carolyn CooleyCarolyn Cooley
Research interests: Cultural response to climate change; motherhood and mothering; U.S. social movements and countercultures; feminist anthropology; Native sovereignty, cultural survival and land rights
Alexandra CoxAlexandra Cox
Research interests: Archaeology, museum studies, medieval studies
Image of Casey Dobbins Casey Dobbins
Research interests: Poetics; linguistic anthropology; literature; aesthetics; eating disorder narratives; psychocentrism; patholigization of women; feminist studies; Virginia Woolf; modernism; critical theory.
Manisha DavesarManisha Davesar
Research interests: Forensic anthropology; trauma; decomposition; pathology; forensic identification; social contexts
Edward FernandezEdward Fernandez
Research interests: Policy; city planning; resource distribution; economic/social inequality; community development; food justice/sovereignty
Tina FultonTina Fulton
Research interests: Cultural Resources Management; coordination with Native American tribes and various agencies; California and Oregon coastal archaeology, worked bone artifacts and faunal bone analysis.
Megan FunckMegan Funck
Research interests: Ethnography; anthropology of travel and tourism; development; globalization; cultures and languages of South Asia
Liz HodgesLiz Hodges
Research interests: Archaeology of the Northwest Coast and California, cultural resource management, traditional ecological knowledge, GIS.
Jenna HorvatJenna Horvat
Research interests: Bioarchaeology; health; nutrition; diet; human osteology
Image of Emily KossEmily Koss
Research interests: Evolution of religion; hunter-gatherer religion; cultural and behavioral ecology; primate cognition.
Image of Bekah La DueBekah La Due
Research interests: Cultural and medical anthropology; ethnography; Post 9/11 American veterans; veteran transition and reintegration experiences; military sociolinguistics; female veteran identity; veteran specific nonprofit development; military hero complex; motherhood and mothering along with early childhood diet and nutrition.
Image of Melvin LeeMelvin Lee
Research interests: Mass Incarceration; re-entry; globalism; structural violence; conflict; peace building; colonialism; white supremacy; self-care; epigenetics and inequality.
Justin MartinezJustin Martinez
Research interests: Archaeology; cultural anthropology; cultural resource management; ethnomusicology; linguistics; underwater archaeology; architectural archaeology; cartography
Nikki MartensenNikki Martensen
Research interests: Multivocality; collections management; digital public archaeology, digitization standards, visual archaeology, user experience, and archaeology on the internet.
Laurelyn MemmottLaurelyn Memmott
Research interests: Mesoamerican archaeology; conflict archaeology; trade; geoarchaeology; lithics
Stanton MorseStanton Morse
Research interests: Last Glacial Maximum distributions and peopling of the Americas; Incipient agriculture and surplus; Mesoamerican Archaeology; Olmec art and architecture; Lowland Maya settlement patterns; Epigraphy; War, conflict, and society; Native American Belief Systems; Maritime archaeology; Cultural Resource Management; Geographic Information Systems
Nora MounceNora Mounce
Research interests: Food culture, medical anthropology, consumer habits, community health, rural studies.
Kristen NawnKristen Nawn
Research interests: Forensic anthropology; forensic taphonomy; skeletal identification and trauma analysis
Image of Gabriella N. OgliettiGabriella N. Oglietti
Research interests: Archaeology; remote sensing; GIS; cultural resource management; settlement patterns; preservation.
Image of Carrie PritchardCarrie Pritchard
Research interests: Bioarchaeology; human osteology; migrations; biodistance; nutrition; stable isotopes; DNA.
Image of Samantha ReidSamantha Reid
Research interests: Indigenous food sovereignty; evolutionary medicine; South African culture; social & environmental justice; decolonization strategies of colonized nations; advocacy.
Hope SchearHope Schear
Research interests: Archaeology (historical, Viking/Celtic, Andean); cultural resources management; geographic information systems
Image of Jaci ScheerJacqulyn Scheer
Research interests: Forensic anthropology; trauma; pathology; bone nutrition and health; taphonomy; forensics education, outreach, and research institutes.
Image of Michael SchumacherMichael Schumacher
Research interests: North American archeology of the high plains; Indigenous archaeology; archaeological geophysics.
Emily ShearinEmily Shearin
Research interests: Archaeology, Mesoamerica, murals, preservation, restoration, iconography, semiotics, socioeconomic organization, dating methods
Image of Henry SolaresHenry Solares
Research interests: Domestic violence; sexualized violence; policy; policing; gender; race; sexuality; Mesoamerica; post-colonial studies.
Image of Liana ThiesLiana Thies
Research interests: Bioarchaeology; isotopic analysis; skeletal pathology and trauma; Eurasian horse cultures; feminist theories.
Image of Kaya WigginsKaya Wiggins
Research interests: Cultural resources management; archaeology of the Central Coast of California; prehistory; protohistoric period; Chumash culture; Salinan culture; Olivella (Callianax biplicata) shell bead economies and classification; colonization of California by Native peoples.
Image of Dorota ZabnickaDorota Zabnicka
Research interests: Biological anthropology; forensic anthropology; identification of subadults; facial reconstruction.

Some of our Recent Graduates

Mark ArsenaultMark Arsenault
Research interests: Historical archaeology, cultural resource management.
Thesis title: Social drug consumption in the New River Mining District.
After completing MA: RPA Cerfified Archaeology, working in CRM.
Kathleen BromleyKathleen Bromley
Research interests: Applied Linguistics, multimodal anthropology, and landscape archaeology.
Thesis title: Levee stories for an expedited reconnaissance study.
After completing MA:
Paloma Cuello del PozoPaloma Cuello del Pozo
Research interests: Archaeology, island settlement, and ecology; isotopic signatures and ancient migration patterns.
Thesis title: Intra-insular mobility and ancient human adaptations to restricted environments. Case study: The use of strontium isotope analysis in the archaeology of Lanzarote, Canary Islands.
After completing MA: Working on Ph.D. in Anthropology.
Katherine GaddisKatherine Gaddis
Research interests: Bioarchaeology; evolutionary medicine; paleopathology; epidemiology; zooarchaeology
Thesis title: Stress and frailty in Medieval Prussia: Interpretations from skeletal remains at Bezławki.
After completing MA: Instructor, Bełzawki Bioarchaeology Field Program.
Jacqueline HeinzenJacqueline Heinzen
Research interests: Nationalism, state-sanctioned violence, globalization, labor, community development.
Thesis title: A new frontier: Politics, life and labor in three American orchestras.
After completing MA:
Corinna IrwinCorinna Irwin
Research interests: Medical anthropology, sexual and reproductive health, US/Mexico border studies, social determinants of health, structural competency, Latin American studies, global feminism.
Thesis title: Equal access, knowledge, and empowerement: promoting inclusion in sex education and reproductive health care for Humboldt County's Spanish speaking population.
After completing MA:
Diana NewberryDiana Newberry
Research interests: Forensic anthropology; osteology; isotope analysis; human rights; identification of remains; trauma analysis
Thesis title: United States-Mexico Border: Rights of the dead, forensic anthropologists, and families of the victims.
After completing MA:
May PatinoMay Patiño
Research interests: Evolutionary medicine, nutritional epidemiology, dietary ecology.
Thesis title: What does it mean to go Paleo? An exploration of the ancestral diet movement.
After completing MA: Coordinator of Humboldt Food Policy Council and lecturer in Anthropology at HSU.
Erin PinkstonErin Pinkston
Research interests: Forensic anthropology, juvenile stature and body mass calculation, facial reconstruction
Thesis title: Juvenile remains: Predicting body mass and stature in modern American populations.
After completing MA: Working on Ph.D. in Anthropology.
Kristyna PflugerKristyna Pfluger
Research interests: Forensic anthropology, forensic odontology, and human osteology. Learn more about Kristyna's research on CSU Voices and Views.
Thesis title: The effects of heat on δ13C and δ18O ratios in dental enamel: Implications for forensic anthropology.
After completing MA:
Kate RuprechtKate Ruprecht
Research interests: Museum education and curriculum development; multicultural and global education
Thesis title: Examining veiled Muslim women’s experiences in educational institutions in France and the United States and decolonizing the curriculum to reflect their stories.
After completing MA: Working at the University of Valenciennes. Fulbright English Teaching Assistant Award for the 2018-2019 school year in Romania.
Isadora SharonIsadora Sharon
Research interests: Unregulated development in rural communities, Ifugao Philippines, Tourism, Religion, Post-colonialism, social justice and advocacy.
Thesis title: Countering a colonial fantasy: Ethical versus ethnic tourism.
After completing MA: Working full time in advocacy and research.
Rosie SlentzRosie Slentz
Research interests: Cultural anthropology, food systems, elementary education, public diplomacy, community development.
Thesis title: From soil to soul: Food systems curriculum for 5th graders.
After completing MA: Integrated Learning Specialist at Humboldt County Office of Education. Working on Ph.D. in Education.
Byron SmithByron Smith
Research interests: Mesoamerican Archaeology, geoarchaeology, and human landscapes.
Thesis title: Subtropical Agronomy on a Variable landscape: Exploring Late Classic Farming the Three Rivers Region Through Geotechnical Design and the Distribution of Edaphic Variables.
After completing MA: Working as a Research Associate for the Cultural Resources Facility at Humboldt State University.