Belize Field Program

Students at the Belize Archaeology Field Program

Costa Rica Field School 2008

Dr. Glenn and students observing monkeys at La Selva, Costa Rica

Mona monkey skull

Mona monkey skull used in teaching and research

Skeletal specimen

Specimen from the skeletal collections at our labs

Spider monkeys

Spider monkeys at La Selva, Costa Rica

Study abroad in Tibet

Study abroad in Tibet

Alisha Gaskins

Former student Alisha Gaskins completing a facial reconstruction

San Nicolas

Melinda Salisbury and Laura Monterrosa measuring pit depth at San Nicolas

Aten Temple-Tell el Amarna

small Aten Temple-Tell el Amarna

West Africa Magnuson monkeys

Former Graduate student Lindsay Magnuson tracking monkeys in West Africa

Anthropology student

Anthropology student

Student Making Peanut Butter in Bolivia

Erin Wheelis making peanut butter, Bolivia Peace Corps

Dai Sun Xian Ceremony

Dai Suan xian ceremony

Anthropology Student dancing in field in

Anthropology students immersed in the Grenadian culture

Dai Dinner

Dai Dinner

Howling monkeys

Howling monkeys at La Selva, Costa Rica

Costa Rica Field School 2008

Students in San Jose, Costa Rica, at the end of the Costa Rica Primate Field Program

Costa Rica Field School 2008

Students at the Costa Rica Primate Field Program

Belize Field School

Dr. Cortes-Rincon and students at the Belize Archaeology Field Program

Costa Rica Field School 2008

Students observing monkeys at La Selva, Costa Rica

Once you’ve developed your fundamental skills, you’ll have the opportunity to focus on the subjects that interest you most by specializing in one of the following five areas:

Archaeological Anthropology: Uncovering and interpreting humanity’s history and evolution by unearthing and analyzing historical remains.

Cultural Anthropology: Investigating ways humans organize themselves, what constitutes meaning and value, and how material and intellectual resources are allocated.

Linguistic Anthropology: Examining the history, evolution, and internal structure of human languages, and considering the relationship between language and culture.

Biological Anthropology: Tracing the biological origins, evolution and genetic variation of humankind; studying the fossil record and current-day remains of humans (forensic anthropology); and surveying the diversity and adaptations of non-human primates (primatology).

Applied Anthropology: Incorporating skills from anthropological disciplines to solve practical problems in fields such as development, healthcare, medical anthropology, education, business and advertising.

Alumni Updates

Jessica Peters, 2010

Jessica Peters, 2010, Anthropology, interned at the American Embassy in Paris. While there Peters was accepted into UCLA’s Anthropology PhD program, and received her M.A. in Sociocultural Anthropology in 2012 and her Ph.D. in Sociocultural Anthropology in 2015. During this time Peters also presented research at the AAAs and at the Interdisciplinary Conference in the Humanities (organized by the University of West Georgia).

Virginia Howard Mullan, 1980

Virginia Howard Mullan, 1980, Anthropology, retired with a fabulous retirement party at the Arcata Theater Lounge after 30 years of teaching all subjects in a multigraded classroom at Bridgeville Elementary. Mullan is currently working at College of the Redwoods training foster and kindercare guardians, while also volunteering and substitute teaching at Cuddeback School in Carlotta, Calif.  She is still writing and is currently working on publishing a vignette about Julia Park Howard. This year, Mullan had the chance to see many of her friends who are HSU alumni, including: Suzanne Stone Gorter, Jim Gorter, Sherry Sweeney, Jody Stevens Vandenburg, Marty Casillas, John Bennett, Bob Fiock, Dave Ward, and Ralph Martinez.

Rebecca Kellawan, 2005

Rebecca Kellawan, 2005 Anthropology, went on to graduate studies in the U.K. earning a Master’s of Arts with Distinction in Historical Archaeology from the University of Bristol. Kellawan is currently employed as a Senior Archaeologist with Far Western Anthropological Research Group located in Davis, California. Kellawan specializes in the historical archaeology of Northern California. She has also previously conducted research on African-American troops stationed in Britain during World War II and the Indian diaspora in the West Indies.

Jessica Peters, 2010

Jessica Peters, 2010, Anthropology, received a Master of Arts degree in Anthropology in 2012 at UCLA. Peters also presented research at the American Anthropological Association 2012 meeting, and at the Interdisciplinary Conference in the Humanities at the University of West Georgia.

Alexandra McGee, 2011

I’ve transformed from a Humboldt Lumberjack to a Berkeley Bear. I have just started my first semester of graduate school as a Latin American Studies masters student. My last semester at HSU, I took an engineering course with Lonny Grafman which got me really excited about small-scale energy projects, particularly how they relate to community participation, rural development, energy independence and environmental sustainability.

At the same time, I’ve put my anthropology skills to use, moving into a Tibetan Buddhist Monastery to live with a high lama.

I’d love to hear from you. If you want to know more about my adventures, check out my blog:

E Safiya Bal, 2011

I’ve been working as a substitute teacher for the Fairfield-Suisun Unified School District since December 2011. As of April 2012 I was hired on as field technician for Far Western Anthropological Research Group, Inc. -based in Davis, CA.  The project is in Vacaville, CA.

Mark Martinez, 2009

For the past two years I have been advocating and empowering youth to make non-violent, healthy choices as a mentor for the Tariq Khamisa Foundation. Influenced by anthropology of development, I hope to continue my work with non-profit organizations, while attaining my masters in social work.

Jennifer Humphreys, 2011

I am currently earning my M.S. in Primate Behavior at Central Washington University, specializing in molecular primatology.  Soon I will be heading to the forests Suriname to study gene flow through conservation corridors.

Wesley Korpela, 2011

pursing careering in maritime archaeology

Lizbet Husby-Gerry, 2007

Living and working in Oregon.

Christopher Robertson, 2009

I just accepted an offer of admission into U.C. Berkeley’s Asian Studies MA program, and will be focusing on China Studies during the fall of 2011. During the two-year program, I am hoping to take an extra year to study Chinese abroad in both China and Taiwan.

Kate Catanese, 2010

After graduating, I worked for six months as a research assistant on a project through Tulane University concerning the reproductive strategies of male capuchin monkeys. Although it was an amazing and life-changing experience, I came out of it knowing that I would much rather work with people than primates, and am currently seeking admission to HSU’s elementary education program.

Jessica Peters, 2010

I have been accepted to UCLA’s Anthropology PhD program, with full funding for four years, and will be studying under the guidance of renowned Anthropology professor Sherry Ortner starting in Fall 2011.

Greg Collins, 1998

After graduating in December 1998 from HSU with my BA in Anthropology and Geography (double major) I began working as a shovel bum for archaeological consulting firms and the U.S. Forest Service.  After traveling around California as an archaeological technician for a few years, I started graduate school at CSU, Chico and completed my thesis with an emphasis on CRM and zooarchaeology.  I am currently the North Coast Redwoods District Archaeologist and am stationed in Eureka.  My academic and professional career has taken me full circle, and I am now raising my family in Humboldt County.

Scott Schindel, 2009

Volunteering on a Howler monkey project in Southern Mexico.

Traben Pleasant, 2009

I am currently pursuing a MSc. in Social/Cultural Anthropology at University College London, UK.

Ariel Marie Gruenthal, 2008

After graduating from the University of Central Lancashire, UK in 2009 with a MSc in Forensic Anthropology, I have taken a job with the Humboldt County Coroner’s Office as a Deputy Coroner.

Evan Pinto, 1995

I have been working as a secondary teacher for a virtual high school. I also teach vocational education classes (in a bricks and mortar class). In addition, my wife, two children and I just adopted a two year old Golden Retriever!