Belize Field Program

Students at the Belize Archaeology Field Program

Costa Rica Field School 2008

Dr. Glenn and students observing monkeys at La Selva, Costa Rica

Mona monkey skull

Mona monkey skull used in teaching and research

Skeletal specimen

Specimen from the skeletal collections at our labs

Spider monkeys

Spider monkeys at La Selva, Costa Rica

Study abroad in Tibet

Study abroad in Tibet

Alisha Gaskins

Former student Alisha Gaskins completing a facial reconstruction

San Nicolas

Melinda Salisbury and Laura Monterrosa measuring pit depth at San Nicolas

Aten Temple-Tell el Amarna

small Aten Temple-Tell el Amarna

West Africa Magnuson monkeys

Former Graduate student Lindsay Magnuson tracking monkeys in West Africa

Anthropology student

Anthropology student

Student Making Peanut Butter in Bolivia

Erin Wheelis making peanut butter, Bolivia Peace Corps

Dai Sun Xian Ceremony

Dai Suan xian ceremony

Anthropology Student dancing in field in

Anthropology students immersed in the Grenadian culture

Dai Dinner

Dai Dinner

Howling monkeys

Howling monkeys at La Selva, Costa Rica

Costa Rica Field School 2008

Students in San Jose, Costa Rica, at the end of the Costa Rica Primate Field Program

Costa Rica Field School 2008

Students at the Costa Rica Primate Field Program

Belize Field School

Dr. Cortes-Rincon and students at the Belize Archaeology Field Program

Costa Rica Field School 2008

Students observing monkeys at La Selva, Costa Rica

Contact Information

Humboldt Center for
Evolutionary Anthropology
Humboldt State University
1 Harpst Street
Arcata, CA 95521

Behavioral and Social Sciences (BSS) 233
Phone: 707.826.4330

Medieval Bioarchaeology Program - Poland
July 7-25, 2014, Bezlawki, NE Poland

Image of a skull in the ground

Application Information

Application Process

  • Application deadline (for receipt of all materials): April 4, 2014. Admissions will be on a rolling basis, in that as soon as your application is complete a decision will be made. Applications may close before April 4 if the program reaches capacity before that date.
  • The application process is fully electronic through the Study Abroad website at The application will include:
    • Your name, contact information, class standing, major & GPA
    • Statement of purpose: A short statement indicating why you would like to participate in this program and how it is related to your life pursuits or career. (500 words max)
    • Statement of cultural sensitivity: A short statement of indicating how you will be culturally sensitive throughout the course. (500 words max)
    • Resume/CV (2 pages max) listing jobs held, any travel experience, extracurricular activities, and/or any distinctions and honors received.
    • Unofficial college transcripts for all college coursework.
    • Contact information for two references. References should be individuals other than the course instructors and should be college faculty members or other individuals well qualified to evaluate your ability to succeed in the program
  • Application deadline (for receipt of all materials): April 4, 2014

Program Admission Requirements

  • All application materials received by application deadline
  • Good academic standing
  • Minimum GPA 2.0
  • No significant incidences of offensive/disruptive behavior, plagiarism, or cheating on file with HSU Student Affairs or with another college currently attending.
  • 22-25 students will be admitted to the program.

Applicants will be Evaluated Based on the Following

  • Student status (at the application deadline) - priority given in the following order: (1) current seniors and graduate students, (2) juniors or those who have already graduated with a bachelor's degree, (3) sophomores, (4) freshmen, (5) applicants with no college credits.
  • HSU students will be given priority over non-HSU students.
  • Anthropology majors will be given priority over non-majors.
  • GPA and quality of college transcripts.
  • Previous coursework in related subjects.
  • Maturity and preparedness as demonstrated in letters of recommendation and resume.
  • Quality and seriousness of application.
  • All applications will be considered without regard to race, color, national and ethnic origin, disability, sexual orientation or preference, gender, or age.

Program Costs

Program Costs per Student

  • $1,320 = 6 units of tuition through Extended Education
  • $3,700 = Program fees
  • $1,400 = estimated airfare (flying from a major airport or modifying departure dates may lower costs significantly)
  • $ 60 = Student health insurance
  • $100 = Books (students may share books and purchased used copies).

Funding Opportunities

Students may take out any eligible student loan amount that they have not yet used for the 2013-2014 academic year. You might want to seek out scholarships and other funding sources to help finance your trip to Poland and also to help build your resume.

Some scholarships of particular interest are:

For past field schools, students have also been successful in organizing fundraising activities.

Cancellation/Refund Policy

Once the payment in full is submitted, no refund will be given without petitioning the office of Extended Education. If a refund is granted, only the portion that has not been committed on behalf of the individual will be refunded. In the event that a student must cancel prior to departure for Poland and after paying his or her deposit, the deposit will not be refunded. HSU tuition costs will be refunded under standard policies. Please see