Assessing Online Facilitation (AOF) Instrument

Download the AOF

Adobe Reader required - download hereAssessing Online Facilitation, printer-friendly (PDF) - 81 KB (Adobe Reader required)
Word file typeAssessing Online Facilitation, editable (DOC) - 139 KB (Word Viewer available)

Adobe Reader required - download hereInstrumento para Evaluar Facilitación En Línea, para imprimir (PDF) (Adobe Reader necesario)
Word file typeInstrumento para Evaluar Facilitación En Línea, para editar (DOC) (Word Viewer disponible)

How to Use the AOF

The AOF instrument can be used to guide a current course's facilitation or review a recent course's facilitation.

  1. Download your preferred version of the Assessing Online Facilitation document (PDF or Word, above) to your desktop.
  2. If preparing to facilitate a course, download your preferred version of the Facilitation Activity Record.
  3. Start at the "Before class begins ..." section by reviewing the list of facilitator's objectives.
  4. If desired, add or delete objectives to customize the AOF with your campus or department guidelines. Local policies always supercede the guidelines in the AOF.
  5. Mark the "Completed" column for each successfully-completed objective.
  6. Continue to each section ("During the first week ..." etc.), repeating steps 3, 4, and 5. Remember to continuously maintain the Facilitation Activity Record for a course facilitation that's underway.
  7. Review the results of the AOF for strengths and areas for improvement.
  8. Keep the Facilitation Activity Record to refer to for a future offering of the course.