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Using the Facilitation Activity Record

The Facilitation Activity Record is an optional companion document for the Assessing Online Facilitation (AOF) instrument.

The facilitator can use this document to help organize and document activities performed as a facilitator for a particular course offering. When used with the AOF, the activity record can guide facilitation and provide a reference document for the facilitator for future offerings of the same course.

The "Notes" field can be used to provide general information about a facilitation experience, while the "Flags" field provides an area for the facilitator to record issues that may need attention at a future date.

Example Facilitation Activity Record [Weeks 0-4]
Course: HED 342    Term: Fall 2006
Week Notes Flags
Week 0
Before class begins...
Sent Welcome message (HED342/welcome.doc)
Updated links
Changed due dates in the description of both the individual and group assignments, as well as in the drop box deadline areas.
If students enroll after Welcome message is sent, be sure to send to new students.
Maintain enrollment at 50—don’t over-enroll!

Week 1
During first week ...

First week went smoothly.
Students seemed to like the ice breaker!
Discussion summary – see HED342/overview of obesity.doc
New regulations to be announced by FDA in May. Add to this week’s readings.
Week 2 Students doing well in discussions.
Contacted two absent students who came back.
Discussion summary – see HED342/appetite.doc
Several questions on the instructions for the first project. May want to review for next time.
Look for new picture on Kreb’s cycle.
Week 3 Week went smoothly.
Discussion summary – see HED342/semistarvation.doc
Keep an eye on the PBS videos. They may drop off the web site before the week’s discussions.
Week 4 Reflection week midterm scores lower than last semester.
Discussion summary – see HED342/scores on midterm.doc
Mistake in key for midterm MC question #9. Correct before next semester.