Sanctuary Additions
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New Additions to the Arcata Marsh and Wildlife Sanctuary

As part of the McDaniel Slough restoration project, the City of Arcata recently constructed new additions the already sizable network of marshes at the Arcata Marsh and Wildlife Sanctuary. Figure 1 shows what one new marsh looked like in April 2008, only 6 months after construction. An additional pond is scheduled to be constructed during the summer of 2008.

Figure 1: Little vegetation has had time to grow yet on the new marsh.

Unlike the other marshes in the area, the new additions will not be named after an individual. Many people have worked tirelessly to get these new marshes constructed. As such, it would be difficult and inappropriate to name each marsh for just one person. Instead, they are simply referred to as the brackish marsh and the east pond. The next marsh addition will likely be referred to as the west pond as it will lie on the east pond's western adjacent side.

Brackish Marsh

One of the new marshes that was constructed during the summer of 2007 is brackish. This means that it has moderately salty water. This brackish marsh will have a direct connection to the bay, via a tide-gate. A tide-gate will be adjustable and will allow some regulation of the amount of water in the brackish marsh and will allow control the salinity in the pond. In addition to being fed by the coming and going of the tide, this marsh will be supplied by stormwater flow and by a stormwater in-flow pipe from the I street area in Arcata. Figure 2 shows the brackish pond in yellow on the east (right) side of the restoration project boundary with a large green arrow pointing to it

East and West Ponds

The other new marsh additions, scheduled for construction in 2008, are freshwater. Although they will be freshwater, these two marshes wont be fed by the Arcata Wastewater Treatment Plant. Instead these marshes will receive their water from stormwater, similar to the brackish pond. In Figure 2 the two freshwater marshes are light blue and labeled with orange arrows.

Figure 2: The McDaniel Slough Project area encompasses approximately 250 acres of land from parts of Samoa Road almost to Humboldt Bay. This area is owned by the city of Arcata and will likely be used to construct more wetlands in the future.