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The Arcata Wastewater Treatment Plant (Figure 1) is considered to be one of the first constructed wetlands for municipal wastewater treatment in the United States (Poppendieck, 2008). As such, the Arcata Wastewater Treatment Plant is also one of the longest-running constructed wetland systems treating municipal wastewater in operation.

Arcata Marsh at Sunset

Figure 1: Sunset over the Arcata Marsh and Wastewater Treatment Plant

    System Highlights
  • List of system components and their specifications.
  • Discussion of the system's energy and area requirements and stormwater infiltration.
    Current Performance
  • Description of regulations, permits, effluent limits, discharge violations and current performance.
  • Discussion of the ways in which the rainy season affects system performance.
  • Discussion of enforcement, penalties and litigation related to discharge violations.
  • Regulatory timeline highlighting key events.