Julie Rofman Lecturer

Art Examples


  • MFA, California State University, Long Beach, 2006
  • BFA, Tulane University, 1999


Julie is a native east coast resident but has spent the last number of years here in the west. She is primarily a painter, but has just finished a large installation inspired by her recent paintings.

This installation "Memory Claim" is made of hand sewn and glued soft canvas sculptures, painted with acrylics. It's approximately 30'x30' with a conveyor system as part of the piece. Julie states that, "During the exhibition sculptures roll down a central conveyor (as seen in the photos) and slowly make their way to the floor. The droopy flexibility of the canvas forms, the abstraction through paint application and sewing/gluing, the surrender to gravity and the droopy flexibility of the sculptures are analogous to the malleability of memory and memory as deceased time.

Julie is also finding success as a jewelry maker with her eponymous jewelry line. She specializes in hand-woven beaded bracelets with a unique clasp system she developed to fit all wrist sizes. The pieces are intricate and display a bounty of color and design.

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