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Rashod A.S. Berkley

Rashod A.S. Berkley

Our Associated Students (A.S.) organization is one of the most vital associations for students on campus because it provides the means for a student voice and representation of their opinions expressed in the processes carried out by the state and administration when implementing policies and programs.  It also allocates funds from your student fees to 17 student run programs such as CCAT, WRRAP, Y.E.S., sports clubs, and the Humboldt Film Festival.  Ultimately, A.S. has the responsibility to enhance the student experience on campus, uphold student integrity, and declare the students’ rights and opinions on issues that affect the student body.

Although this is the mission of A.S., as a student and current At-Large Representative of the organization, I believe we can do a better job of maintaining student representation and help the student voice evolve to be more collective, expressing the views of a wider range of students. One of the issues I plan working on, if elected or not, is to increase our outreach efforts and create a more lucid transparency between administration and students. This past year, being a part of A.S. has exposed me to how “out of the loop” some students may be on issues and legislature that directly affect them. It astonished me to hear how many students didn’t know about the proposed A.S. fee increase, the planned restructuring of our auxiliary organizations which would diminish student representation, or even what A.S. is as an organization and how we serve the students here at HSU.  This is what I believe must change in order to preserve the potency of the student rights and acknowledgment here at HSU.

But a little about myself: I am a graduating senior with a degree in Anthropology and a minor in Communication, and will be coming back in Fall 2014 seeking my Masters in Business Administration with a focus in sustainability. I’ve been involved in a variety organizations on campus from formerly being a part of the HSU football team, volunteering for the Y.E.S. House Homelessness Network, working for the Multicultural Center, being on the HSU Debate Team, and as mentioned before I currently serve as your At-Large Representative as part of A.S. and also serve on committees. I am a very down to earth and personable guy and we may have even crossed paths a time or two. I think that it is important as A.S. president to be around and available to the student base and I am confident in my ability to reach out to students and also form healthy relations with them.

If elected president, I will also continue to help carry out efforts of implementing programs like the Real Food Initiative, the Campus Community Garden, and others.  I believe that consistency is also an important quality a president needs to uphold. I also promise to make every effort to get students more aware of the policies and programs affecting them so that our student base becomes more active and makes sure that there are proper checks and balances in our system. I feel this upcoming year is pivotal, as some big changes are coming, such as a new University President or even the remodeling of the Depot, and I will make sure that these transitions we’ll be faced with in the future still endorse our notions of sustainability, diversity, and health. In conclusion, I am here to represent you and my passion for creating positive and productive society is why you should vote for me. Thank you.