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Governing Codes

Associated Students Governing Code Index

The AS Governing Code Index can be viewed here.

Government Code

The Government Code can be viewed here.

Administrative Code

The Administrative Code can be viewed here.
100-101 Conflict of Interest Policy
100-102 Risk Management and Safety Policy
100-103 Policy Against Sexual Harassment and Sexual Assault
100-104 Non-Discrimination Policy

Fiscal Code

The Fiscal Code can be viewed here.
200-201 Asset Capitalization Policy
200-202 Travel Policy
200-203 Reserve Policy, Fund Designation and Procedure for Expenditure
200-204 General Investment Policy
200-205 Social Responsiblily Policy
200-206 Public Relations Expenditure Policy
200-207 Hospitality Expense Policy
200-208 Purchasing Policy

Elections Code

The Elections Code can be viewed here.

Personnel Code

The Personnel Code can be viewed here.
300-301 Student and Hourly Wage Compensation Policy
300-302 Annual Performance Appraisal of General Manager