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A Resolution Supporting National Coming Out Day

A Resolution Supporting National Coming Out Day

Approved October 23rd, 2006

Whereas,      the Associated Students are the official voice of the students Humboldt State                     University, and

Whereas,      all people should be allowed the freedom to express their sexual and gender                     identity, and

Whereas,      President Richmond publicly supports the need for diversity at HSU

Whereas,      the HSU Strategic Plan states that “our future hinges on our ability to support and               to enhance diversity”

Whereas,      the safety of the people of Humboldt State University is integral for their                                 academic success, and

Whereas,      students and faculty from Women’s Studies, Sociology, Psychology, Government               and Politics, Ethnic Studies, English, and Education came together to form the                       Multicultural Queer Studies Minor, the first of its kind in the nation to foreground           the study of sex, gender and sexuality as they intersect race, ethnicity and class,                      and

Whereas,      The County of Humboldt is home to many queer-friendly and supportive                               organizations and businesses, including Wildberries, Spectrum at College of the                 Redwoods, the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, Redwood Curtain Theatre, the                 Raven Project, Queer Humboldt, Parents and Friends of Lesbians and Gays, North               Coast Rape Crisis Team, North Coast AIDS Project, Marriage Equality USA,                  Legal Services of Northern California, the L-Word, Humboldt Unitarian                                 Universalist Fellowship, Humboldt Pride Parents, Humboldt Pride, Humboldt                   Gender Support, Humboldt Domestic Violence Services, Humboldt Community                         Breast Health Project, the Humboldt Chapter of the Buddhist Peace Fellowship,                  Humboldt Brews, HIV Kids, the Fruits of Sobriety, First Congregational Church,                    Evangelical Concerned with Reconciliation, Indigo Nightclub, Arcata Zen                                 Group, the Alibi, and AIDS Drugs Access Program, and

Whereas,      Humboldt State University is home to a number of queer-friendly and supportive                       clubs and organizations, including the Women’s Resource Center, the Residents                         of Culture Council, the Multicultural Center, Housing and Dining Services, and                     Health and Counseling Services, and

Whereas,      Humboldt State University has been home to a queer community club or                               organization, such as the Queer Student Union, the Family, or GLBTSA, for over                       thirty years, therefore be it

Resolved,      Humboldt State University recognizes October 11 as National Coming Out Day,                        and therefore be it further

Resolved,      Humboldt State University will celebrate this day as an opportunity to celebrate                         people who have come out, share coming out experiences, and work to make it a                       safer place for anyone to come out, and therefore be it further

Resolved,      Humboldt State University comes out as a queer-friendly and supportive campus,              and therefore be it further

Resolved,      that copies of this resolution be sent to: President Rollin Richmond, Provost Rick                       Vrem, Vice Provost Jena’ Burges, Vice President Steve Butler, Vice President                 Carl Coffey, Vice President Robert Gunsalus, Associate Vice President Mike                     Reilly, Associate Vice President Colleen Mullery, Academic Senate Chair Saeed                         Mortazavi, General Faculty President Lou Ann Wieand, Director of Housing John               Capaccio, Director of Athletics Dan Collen, Academic Support Program Director                         Randi Darnall Burke, Human Resources Director Mary Fischer, Dean Susan                   Higgins, Dean Jim Howard, Dean Sharmon Kenyon, Dean Robert Snyder, Interim             Dean Chris Hopper, Director of Student Life Rees Hughes, Center for Indian                         Community Development Director Lois Risling, Public Affairs Director Jane                     Rogers, Statewide Academic Senator Marshelle Thobaben, and members of                     campus and the local media.

Authors: Patrick Malloy, Isaac Lopez, Christina Accomando, and Kim Berry

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Sarah Wood, Representative                           Stephanie Riddle, Representative

College of Natural Resources and Sciences             College of Professional Studies