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Associated Students’ Response to HSU Budget Reduction



Whereas,      Humboldt State University is facing budget cuts and will likely be

                facing more budget cuts in the near future; and

Whereas,      Access to higher education, retention, and matriculation rates are

                always negatively impacted by an increase of average unmet need; and,

Whereas,      Students at Humboldt State University already rely heavily on financial

                aid and the services that the school provides; therefore, be it

Resolved,      Budget reductions at all times should take into consideration how that

                reduction will effect the student body as a whole, as well as,

how the reduction will effect access to higher education at HSU;

furthermore, be it

Resolved,      Reductions of classes that allow students the ability to attend Humboldt

                State University reduces access to higher education and should be

                avoided; furthermore, be it

Resolved,      Imposing new academic commitments and costs on already strained

student fee budgets should not be considered as an appropriate method

for dealing with lean state and federal budgets; these programs are vital to

student life and the academic experience and should remain as shared

commitments between the university and students; furthermore, be it

Resolved,      Elimination of non-academic services that would impact the health and

well-being of the student body should not be considered for budget cuts;

furthermore, be it

Resolved,      Other cuts to non-academic services should be evaluated on the basis

                of criteria which include:

        if/how the service gives aid to students in need on


        if/how this service provides job training or jobs to

students on campus,

        if/how the service promotes personal growth of the

students involved;

furthermore, be it

Resolved,      This resolution shall be sent to, but not limited to HSU President

                Richmond; all Vice-Presidents; all College Deans; all Department Heads;

                Academic Senate; all budgeting committees on HSU campus; CSSA,

The Lumberjack; KRFH; and other local media.

Authored by:  Emilia Patrick

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