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Creating a Full-Time Sustainability Administrator at HSU



Approved May 8, 2006

Whereas,      The Associated Students is the official student voice of Humboldt State University, and;


Whereas,      Many California Universities are reevaluating the way they function and work towards sustainability in areas of energy, waste, water, transportation, and building design to lessen the ecological footprints of their institutions, and

Whereas,      HSU’s recently drafted Master Plan states that HSU will be “the campus of choice for individuals who seek, above all else, to improve the human condition and our environment” and that “individuals must be environmentally, economically and socially responsible in the quest for viable and sustainable communities,” and

Whereas,      National and global environmental issues are becoming more grave and there is a growing interest in sustainability efforts within curricula of higher education and K-12, and

Whereas,      Humboldt State has long been considered a leader in the study and practice of sustainability and environmental stewardship, and

Whereas,      Physical Services staff have expressed and demonstrated that they would be willing to incorporate appropriate student and faculty projects into campus design, but there is no permanent formal liaison between Physical Services staff, faculty and students to facilitate or document such activity, and

Whereas,      There are several faculty with extensive experience and expertise in sustainability topics with students who conduct high quality research and create feasible proposals for practical sustainability projects each semester in a myriad of classes across campus, and

Whereas,      Humboldt State has an impressive history of student involvement in the pursuit of a healthier and more sustainable campus and community, and

Whereas,      There are many students eager for experiential, hands-on learning opportunities with real benefit and utility,

Whereas,      There are no current concentrated efforts or effective environmental education programs during orientation to educate incoming students about their personal responsibility regarding environmental issues, and

Whereas,      There is no one on the campus who is focusing on PR and Enrollment Management campaigns to recruit potential student leaders in this field or market HSU’s reputation as a leader in sustainable practices, and

Whereas,      Humboldt State staff have little or no extra time to research and coordinate the myriad of projects, programs and funding opportunities available to implement sustainability projects that would save money and reduce environmental impacts of the campus, and

Whereas,      Several universities across the state and the nation have already created and have successful sustainability coordinator staff positions to coordinate between students, staff, faculty, administrators and community members, and improve the campus’s environmental stewardship

Whereas,      The creation of a Sustainability Administrator position would increase student awareness of personal environmental responsibility and would aid in making HSU the sustainable institution that it aspires to be, and

Whereas,      The creation of a Sustainability Administrator will help increase enrollment, produce financial savings for the University, improve the reputation of HSU as a leader in Sustainability, improve relationships between the city of Arcata and HSU, and improve collaboration between administration, staff, faculty, and students, therefore be it

Resolved,    The Associated Students endorses the proposal written to create a full-time staff Sustainability Administrator position, therefore be it further

Resolved,    The Associate students of HSU call upon the President and administration of HSU to create a full-time staff position dedicated to sustainability and to seek funding to create such a position, therefore be it further

Resolved,    The Associated Students urge the administration to take advantage of HSU’s historic strength in the area of sustainability by aggressively pursuing a Public Relations and Enrollment Management campaign that highlights Humboldt’s strengths and successes in environmental stewardship with the help of the Sustainability Administrator; and be it further

Resolved,    that copies of this resolution be sent to, but not limited to the following:
HSU President Rollin Richmond, Vice President of Administrative Affairs Carl Coffey, Vice President of Facilities Management Bob Schulz, Vice President of Academic Affairs Richard Vrem, Vice President of Advancement Burt Nordstrom, the HSU Academic Senate, the HSU Budget Committee, Deans, Office of Enrollment Management, Office of Economic and Community Development, The Director of Housing, the California State Student Association, the Arcata City Council, HSU Online News, The Environmental and Social Justice Coalition, The Lumberjack newspaper, and members of the local media.

Authored by:

The Environmental and Social Justice Clubs Coalition

Submitted by:

Krystal Rogers, Green Campus Coordinator

original signatures on file with Associated Students

David Backues

Nicole Alvarado

Legislative Vice President