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Current University Forgiveness Policy


Approved February 6, 2006

Whereas,      the mission statement of the Associated Students of Humboldt State

                University states, “The specific purpose of (Associated Students) is to…

                provide an official voice through which students’ opinions may be

                expressed;…assist in the protection of the rights and interests of the

                individual student and the student body…”; and,

Whereas,      The Academic Senate of the CSU passed Resolution AS-2718-05/AA:

                Support for Campus-specific Policies for Repeating Courses to Improve

                Grades on November 3, 2005; and,

Whereas,      The resolution calls for campuses to consider new policies to put in place

                that may limit “The maximum grade earned in the original course to qualify

                for grade forgiveness and the number of times an individual course can be

                repeated for grade forgiveness”; and,

Whereas,      The resolution also calls for policies that could limit the enrollment

                priorities for students who are repeating a course and could also count a

                “Withdrawal” as a reason to decrease enrollment priorities for students;


Whereas,      The State resolution does not give any restrictions based on students with

                learning disabilities or those students who withdraw from a class with

                serious or compelling reason; and,

Whereas,      The implementation of these policies at this University would dramatically

                and negatively affect the students of Humboldt State University; therefore

                be it,

Resolved       That the Associated Students of Humboldt State University believe that

                implementation of the proposed changes will detrimentally effect those

                students who are looking towards furthering their education past a

                bachelors degree; and be it further,

Resolved,      That the Associated Students of Humboldt State University formally

                support the current forgiveness policy and that any changes proposed by

                the University as stated in Senate Resolution AS-2718-05/AA would be

                considered unnecessary; and be it further,

Resolved,      That copies of this resolution be sent, but not limited to HSU President

                Rollin Richmond, the HSU Academic Senate, The California State Student

                Association, the Lumberjack Newspaper, and the local media.

Authored by:  David Backues, Legislative Vice President, Associated Students

                Zacharias Miller, Student At Large

                Amanda Skipworth, Student At Large

                Mia Spasowska, Student At Large

Approved by:

Elisabeth Gerstacker, Representative—College of Professional Studies

Jena Miyata, Representative—Residence Halls Association

David Backues, Legislative Vice President

Nicole Alvarado, President