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Formation of a Campus Task Force on Committees



Approved February 6, 2006

Whereas,      The Associated Students is the official voice of the students of Humboldt

                State University, and;

Whereas,      The University President, the HSU Academic Senate, various campus

                auxiliary boards, and the student body of HSU entrusts the Associated

                Students Council to nominate qualified and competent student leaders to

                serve as student representatives, and;

Whereas,      The Associated Students Council reciprocates this trust by a mutual

                agreement with the university that appointed students will be utilized

                as representatives of the student body, and;

Whereas.      The Associated Students Council is held to the expectation of fulfilling

                over 105 student representative seats on committees annually, and;

Whereas,      It has been brought to the attention of the Associated Students Council that

                the following committees have not met this academic year 2005-2006: and;

Educational Equity Committee

                                Enrollment Management Advisory Committee

                                Committee for Equal Rights and Diversity

                                Fields Oversight Committee

                                HSU Scholarship and Fee Grant Committee

                                Instructional Communications Advisory Committee

                                Joint Assessment Committee

                                Committee on Public Art

                                Services to Students Coordinating Committee

                                Services to Students with Disabilities Committee

                                Student Grievance Committee

Whereas,      Appointing students to campus committees that are inactive is a waste of

                fiscal and human resources, and;

Whereas,      The Associated Students is reliant upon the initiative and cultivation of

                student leaders, and its reputation as an efficient governmental body, and;

Whereas,      It has been requested of the University President by the Chair of the

                Academic Senate that the University in coalition with faculty, staff, and

                students, that there be an evaluation and assessment of all campus

                committees in regards to their efficiency, necessity, and composition,

                and therefore be it further;

Resolved,      That the Associated Students is committed to shared governance on

                the HSU campus through the means of student representation, and

                be it further;

Resolved,      That the Associated Students formally request of the University

                President Dr. Rollin Richmond the formation of a representative

                campus community task force to assess and evaluate all campus

                committees by the end of the Spring 2006 semester, therefore

                be it further;

Resolved,      That copies of this resolution be sent, but not limited to President

                Rollin Richmond, all members of the HSU Academic Senate,

                Vice President and Provost Rick Vrem, Vice President Steven

                Butler, Vice President Coffey, and the Lumberjack News.

Authored by:

Nicole Alvarado

Jacque Lee

Brandon Hemenway

Submitted by:

Jacque Lee, Representative—College of Natural Resources & Sciences

Brandon Hemenway, Representative—College of Professional Studies

David Backues, Legislative Vice President

Nicole Alvarado, President