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Honor of Books Building Bridges


Approved February 20 , 2006

Whereas,      The Associated Students are committed to honoring the work of dedicated student leaders who go above and beyond the “Call of duty” to help others; and

Whereas,      The Books Building Bridges mission is:  “To facilitate the distribution of literary materials to classrooms and libraries in those areas affected by Hurricane Katrina and to strive to foster communication and educational exchange between Humboldt County schools and schools affected”; and

Whereas,      Books Building Bridges has shown a great amount of initiative during the time after Hurricane Katrina, raising over $5500.00 to deliver over 500 pounds of books in an effort to rebuild an elementary school library wrecked by the storms and further outreach into their devastated community; and

Whereas,      The individuals in Books Building Bridges, have shown selflessness taking time away from their studies and their social lives; and

Whereas,      In the accomplishment of their goals, Books Building Bridges has taken the ideals of Humboldt State University way beyond the redwood curtain and shown what Humboldt State is all about; therefore be it

Resolved,      That the Associated Students Council congratulate Books Building Bridges on a job well done and wish them success in their future endeavors; and be it further

Resolved,      That copies of this resolution be sent to: All members of Books Building Bridges, Melanie Williams- advisor for Books Building Bridges, HSU President Rollin Richmond, Student Affairs Vice President Steve Butler, Provost Rick Vrem, Dean Sharmon Kenyon, The Lumberjack newspaper, and members of the local media.

Authored by:  David Backues, Legislative Vice President

                Associated Students

Submitted by:

Elisabeth Gerstacker, Representative

College of Professional Studies

Jena Miyata, Representative

Residence Halls Association

Approved by:

David Backues, Legislative Vice President

Nicole Alvarado, President