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HSU Energy Independance Fund Memorandum

-M E M O R A N D U M-

DATE:              April 30, 2003

TO:                  Robert C. Schulz, AIA

                      Director, Physical Services

FROM:            Gretchen Kinney

                      President, Associated Students

SUBJECT:        HSU Energy Independence Fund

On behalf of the Associated Students Council, I wish to convey that the

Associated Students is supportive of the HSU Energy Independence Fund.

The concept of the HSU Energy Independence Fund initiated a student fee

of $10 per an academic semester to generate funding for renewable energy

and energy conservation methods which would allow HSU to become

energy independent via conservation and alternative generation, because

the State does not necessarily support the economics of these projects.

The Associated Students feels that the HSU Energy Independence Fund will

further our campus’ reputation as being a leader of sustainable development

with dedication to environmentally conscious actions.  However, the

Associated Students is extremely aware that students, who are already

burdened by alternative fee increases, will pay these fees.  Accordingly,

we are supportive of a formal student body referendum concerning the

approval of the HSU Energy Independence Fund to take place in Fall 2003.

We hereby recognize that in addition to the student fee component, the

HSU administration would contribute to the fund, net energy savings that

result from projects implemented by the Energy Independence Fund.

Student Fees will not be used in lieu of economically defensible energy

savings projects that can be funded from State sources.  Furthermore,

we recognize that a student majority board will control the HSU Energy

Independence Fund.  The Associated Students is receptive and supportive

of the HSU Energy Independence Fund going to a student vote in the fall.

Copy:  President Rollin Richmond

        Vice President Carl Coffey

        Michael Winkler

        HSU Sustainable Campus Task Force/Club