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Humboldt State University Energy Independence



Adopted April 4, 2005

Whereas,      the Associated Students of Humboldt State University wish to make our campus independent from external energy suppliers by using energy sources that do not deplete our natural resources or degrade the natural environment; and

Whereas,      the official vision statement of Humboldt State University defines the University as, “ . . . a premier institution that is dedicated to the study and preservation of the environment and its natural resources”; and

Whereas,      during the 2004 Associated Students General Elections HSU students passed with 85% of the vote the Humboldt Energy Independence Fund (HEIF) Fee ballot initiative, calling for a student fee which would allow students to fund, design, and implement sustainable energy projects; and

Whereas,      the Associated Students believe that prompt implementation of the HEIF fee will cement HSU’s reputation for environmental responsibility; and

Whereas,      the projects initiated by the HEIF will provide students with a unique curriculum unavailable at any other educational institution in the country; and

Whereas,      implementing the HEIF will save Humboldt State University money at a time when energy costs continue to rise; and

Whereas,      despite overwhelming student support, CSU Chancellor Reed refused to approve the HEIF fee because of a promise not to impose any new fees on the students under the current economic conditions; and

Whereas,      the students of Humboldt State University acknowledge and accept these conditions, yet still chose to tax themselves, feeling the benefits of moving towards energy independence outweigh the detrimental effects of the fee; and

Whereas,      HSU President Rollin Richmond has offered his full support for the

HEIF by means of a voluntary fee, and therefore be it

Resolved,      that the Associated Students of Humboldt State University reiterate our plan to free our campus from dependence on external energy by means of the Humboldt Energy Independence Fund Fee as voted on an passed by the student body; and further be it

Resolved,      that the Associated Students of Humboldt State University call upon CSU Chancellor Reed to allow HSU to implement the HEIF fee and in doing so remain consistent with the University’s official vision statement; and be it further

Resolved,      that should the Chancellor refuse, the HSU Associated Students support the implementation of a waiveable “opt-out” HEIF fee, allowing students not to

                participate if they so choose; and be it further

Resolved,      that copies of this resolution be sent to, but not limited to the following:

CSU Chancellor Charles B. Reed, the CSU Board of Trustees, Senator Wesley Chesbro, Assemblywoman Patty Berg, the Arcata City Council, HSU President Rollin Richmond, Vice President of Administrative Affairs

Carl Coffey, Facilities Management Director Bob Schulz, the HSU Academic Senate, the California State Student Association,

The Lumberjack newspaper, and members of the local media.

Authored by:

Nicole Alvarado

Matt Clinton

Misty Hailstone

T. Cole Newton

Pearl Podgorniak






_____________________________         ____________________________

Kyle Zeck, Legislative Vice President         Samantha Williams-Gray, President

Signatures on file at the Associated Students.