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KFRH Digital Broadcast Resolution Digital Broadcast Resolution

KRFH Digital Broadcast Resolution

Adopted October 21, 2002

Whereas:      KRFH 610 AM is the primary educational environment for the 75 students of Journalism and Mass Communication (JMC) 155, 333, and 355, and

Whereas:      The students of JMC155, 333, and 355 are the primary broadcast representatives of student ideas, interests and issues to those outside of this broadcast market, and

Whereas:      Digital broadcasting is the primary method of KRFH’s information dissemination is the only method of dissemination to those outside of our broadcast market, and

Whereas:      HSU student access to an Internet audience is a necessary aspect of HSU’s broadcast academic programs and university’s development and advancement and digital broadcasting provides cutting edge learning opportunities vital for preparing Humboldt State University students for careers in competitive and technological driven industries, and

Whereas:      Royalty reimbursement for educational use of copyrighted material has been historically centrally managed by the university, therefore be it

Resolved:      Digital broadcast royalty reimbursement for KRFH Internet broadcasts should become a centrally managed commitment of the University, furthermore be it,

Resolved:      That copies of this resolution be sent to but not limited to President HSU Dr Rollin Richmond; Vice President of Student Affairs Dr. Steven Butler; Dean College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Science Karen Carlton, Academic Budget Committee, CSSA, and the Lumberjack Newspaper.

Authored by:  James F. Corcoran and Nolan O’Brien

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James F. Corcoran                                                 Kelley Kiesling

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